National Savings and Investments


  • NS&I was operating a five year strategy designed to add value to its operation. This strategy encompasses many aspects, including a shift from a predominately product focus to one more aligned with the customer.
  • The Finance Directorate set out to align its objectives within the overall context of the strategy. To do this, senior management of the Finance Directorate set out to capture and describe the high level objectives of the Directorate.
  • The Finance Directorate comprises separate departments performing a series of diverse functions, requiring a structured process to gather their perspectives.


  • Simpson Associates and NS&I agreed to use the OGC methodology as the terms of reference of the engagement.
  • A bespoke questionnaire, explaining the context was distributed to fully inform all participants.
  • A series of two to three hour interviews were held with each department within the Directorate.
  • The outputs were organised within a Blueprint, Benefit Profiles and Project Dossier to develop a clear, concise roadmap.
  • A structured review process with the Directorate sponsor ensured ownership of the road map.


  • The outputs were fully briefed to the participants thereby enhancing their understanding of their part in delivering change.
  • The transitional processes from the current state to the future state were understood.
  • The clear linkages between Benefits and Outcomes were identified.
  • The process of strategic planning came to life for the Directorate as a whole
  • The development of the Business Case for change and the Start Up and Initiation of projects flows logically from the deliverables
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