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Charities & Nonprofits

We empower charitable organisations, membership bodies, trade unions and nonprofits to unlock hidden insights within their data and maximise impact!

Our expertise in Charities & Nonprofits

Charities and nonprofits hold a wealth of data. Harnessing this data is key to understanding beneficiaries, demonstrating accountability to donors and volunteers, and making informed decisions, to maximise your impact.

However, valuable data often gets trapped in siloed systems – fundraising platforms, volunteer databases, and membership records. This fragmented data makes it difficult to get the complete picture you need to truly make a difference.

Too often data is in systems that are unable to communicate with each other and presents many challenges when it needs integrating to create the trusted insights to make the most informed and impactful decisions.

At Simpson Associates, we believe data is a powerful tool for social good. We bring vast expertise to help charities and nonprofits connect the dots to transform data into actionable insights that can be relied upon. We’ve partnered with leading organisation like the British Heart Foundation, Alzheimer Society and Royal British Legion. 

“All charities need to make best use of the charitable funds that they have at their disposal,” said Jon Fox, Alzheimer’s Society. “Leveraging the power of data is key to achieving this.”  

John Fox – Associate Director of IT, Alzheimer’s Society 

Other Clients

Sector Specific Data

  • 3% Increase in the voluntary sector
  • 5.2M Volunteers associated with registered charities in England and Wales
  • 58% of charity leaders say that generating income and achieving financial sustainability is one of their top three challenges.

Challenges and Solutions faced by Charities and Nonprofits

Be confident that we understand all challenges are unique and so are our solutions. We adapt them to your evolving needs as you navigate your data journey. Allow us to harness the potential of your data, simplifying the process for you to deliver outstanding services.

Our information scattered across disparate systems from fundraising platforms, to customer databases, making it difficult to get a complete picture. What are the best practices for centralising and managing data for non-profit organisations?

Creating a central single view of the volunteer, member, donor etc. and integrating data from multiple systems to accurately match records, provides a single trusted view, so you can benefit from improved decision making with complete data insights.

Like most charities, we operate on a tight budget and have a lean team. Investing in expensive data management systems and hiring dedicated data professionals can feel out of reach. How can we leverage data effectively without breaking the bank? 

Technologies like Microsoft Azure and Fabric are designed to be cost-effective and scalable. They offer the power and flexibility you need to transform your data into actionable insights, without breaking the bank. These solutions can be easily integrated with your existing systems, so you don’t need a team of data specialists to get started.

As a Charity, we collect rich data including personal details, donation history, event participation, and more. But merging these disparate data sets into a useable source can be complex and a time-consuming headache.

We’ll seamlessly merge your data from various systems, eliminating the headache of managing different systems and manually analyzing data. We’ll help you to use data analytics to extract valuable insights that empower data driven decision making and maximise your impact.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with Charities and Nonprofits in mind. These include: Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, Microsoft Fabric Accelerator, and an AI Assessment.

  • Solutions

  • Technologies

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available as an Essentials or Premium package, focuses on how a data strategy and data platform can enable your business to reach its corporate goals. We look at where you are now on your data journey, where you want to be, and most importantly, provide you with a roadmap on how to get you there.

Microsoft Fabric 5 Day Proof of Concept

Experience the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric first-hand with our comprehensive 5-day Proof of Concept. Our PoC will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Fabric’s features, capabilities, and benefits. On top of this, it will allow you to explore relevant use cases that can be delivered by this innovative solution – quickly and easily. Partner with Simpson Associates to unlock the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric for your agency.

AI Assessment

Unlock the potential and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence with Simpson Associates’ AI Assessment. Our comprehensive evaluation goes beyond the hype and delves into the specific ways AI can drive efficiency, optimise operations, and enhance membership and  supporter experiences.  Whether you’re just starting your AI journey or scaling existing projects, this assessment provides expert guidance and actionable insights to propel your success. Ready to take your AI journey to the next level?

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft offers access to an extensive range of tools and technologies tailored for efficient data storage, processing, analytics, and visualisation.

Its scalability enables businesses to effortlessly manage expanding data volumes while upholding performance and reliability standards. Azure’s seamless integration with other Microsoft products promotes smooth workflows and collaboration.

Power BI

Power BI is an ideal technology for providing intuitive data visualisation, analysis, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily interpret data and communicate insights with a range of different stakeholders.

Power BI’s seamless integration with various data sources, empowers you to consolidate and analyse data from diverse sources giving you clear actionable insights.

Microsoft Fabric

Fabric is a complete analytics platform that can revolutionise the way your team works with data. It brings everyone together on a single AI capable platform built for the future.

By centralising data operations, it enhances transparency and accountability, empowering local authorities to deliver improved services and address community needs effectively.


Databricks offers local authorities a powerful solution for data projects, enabling efficient data processing, analytics, and machine learning. Its collaborative platform fosters teamwork and knowledge sharing among government departments.

With Databricks’ scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics capabilities, you can derive valuable insights to enhance services and decision-making, promoting efficiency and transparency.

Charities and Nonprofit Projects

Alzheimer's Society Unlocks Volunteer Power with Data-Driven Insights

Alzheimer’s Society Unlocks Volunteer Power with Data-Driven Insights

Alzheimer’s Society Unlocks Volunteer Power with Data-Driven Insights with a Modern Data and Analytics platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

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Royal British Legion

Royal British Legion

Through Simpson associates managed data services, RBL has increased the reliability of its services, ensured the safety of its users’ data, and now provides an enhanced experience to its end-users, employees, and volunteers.

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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Power BI on Azure saves Retail 10 hours per week and cuts reporting time by 80% Simpson Associates unlocks hidden data for the Natural History Museum: helping meet its vision…

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British Heart Foundation harness the power of Data Science to drive its mission

British Heart Foundation harness the power of Data Science to drive its mission

British Heart Foundation choose Simpson Associates as a strategic partner to harness the power of Data Science!

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