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Working in partnership with our clients, we work to provide continuous improvement and innovation to your organisation. Building your solution is only the start, we will ensure the lights stay on.

Clients come to us when…

They require training and skill transfer to ensure their team are ahead of the data curve.

They are lacking further support for their data systems and need experts to keep them on the right path.

They need further support and don’t have it in their budget to hire a new team member, full-time.

What we can do for you

  • Training

  • Managed Data Services

  • Innovation Services

  • Capability as a Service

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Support Services


Dive into a world of insights as we equip you with the latest tools and techniques to master data analytics, visualisation, and machine learning.

Whether you are wanting to explore Power BI or improve your DevOps skills, we have something for everyone. Our expert trainers will guide you through hands-on exercises, giving you the competitive edge you need to excel in today’s data-driven world.

“Can I send over my thanks from the team for the training last week. Despite some very challenging circumstances you managed to deliver a great training course, feedback was positive from the staff and I’m delighted we managed to complete the course.”

Andrew Bradley
Head of Data and Analytics, Sovereign Housing Association

Elevate your skills and amplify your success with us!

Check out our Training Sessions

Keen to dive into our training sessions? We have something for everything, whether you are just starting your data or are already on the path.

Managed Data Services

Whether you need to scale your IT team, are needing additional expertise and resource or are wanting to prevent issues from becoming incidents with improved proactive monitoring, our Managed Data Services can help you.

Our Managed Data Services encompass the outsourcing of the responsibility of maintaining, and anticipating the need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and reduce expenses.

As data management solutions experts, you can be assured our range of Managed Data Services will support your organisation’s specific needs and challenges.

“For me, it was the ideal situation because the reality was actually more cost-effective for us.” “It’s unusual to find I guess you would call it a private sector organisation that’s willing to help you save money.”

Olatunji Jinadu
Head of Solutions Delivery, Royal British Legion

Gain the support of our experts to ensure you empower your team and elevate your data game.

Royal British Legion

Through Simpson associates managed data services, RBL has increased the reliability of its services, ensured the safety of its users’ data, and now provides an enhanced experience to its end-users, employees, and volunteers.

Innovation Services

Our Innovation Services are dedicated to optimising and enhancing data processes, governance, analytics, and technology utilisation within organisations. We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, harnessing the power of data is essential for staying competitive.

That’s why we ready to help you achieve incremental and measurable improvements in performance and outcomes. Whether it’s streamlining data workflows, establishing robust governance frameworks, unlocking actionable insights through advanced analytics, or maximising the efficiency of technology platforms, we’re committed to driving tangible results.

Ready to boost your knowledge?

At Simpson Associates, we understand the importance of staying ahead. Check out our FREE resources to get and stay ahead.

Capability as a Service

Optimise team productivity with our subscription-based ‘As a Service’ packages.

Our ‘Capability as a Service’ (Caas) offerings provide your organisation with flexible access to expert resource without the overheads of fixed costs that full-time hiring can bring, driving data and analytics initiatives more efficiently. Our CaaS offerings provide the capability you need, when you need it, across key data and analytics roles, ranging from Engineer, Application Developer, Data Scientist and right through to Chief Data Officer (CDO), to ensure your team drive the strategy and execution of data and analytics initiatives.

These flexible packages have been developed to help you achieve your organisation’s goals without the need for a significant upfront investment in recruitment, providing rapid deployment whilst ensuring service continuity.

Turn data complexity into competitive advantage! Discover how our Capability as a Service offerings can help you.

CDO as a Service

Maximise your data’s potential with our flexible and efficient CDO as a Service offering.

Continuous Improvement

The data world is always changing and our experts move with it to ensure your solutions excel standards.

Harnessing the power of analytics, we uncover untapped opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver value through groundbreaking products, services, and business models. Let us guide you on a journey of discovery and transformation, where every decision is fueled by insights and every endeavor leads to success.

Revolutionise your approach and redefine your future with continuous improvement.

Meet like-minded data experts!

Want to improve your data knowledge, surrounded by fellow data friends? Every month we host our Forum to empower and inspire!

Support Services

Our comprehensive support services are crafted to support you and your organisation on your data transformation journey.

With a wide range of offerings depending on your operating model, Simpson Associates provides different levels of support. Whether you need access to 24/7 telephone support, proactive or reactive type support, or a Capability as a Service, we have options to suit all.

Building your solution is only the start of your partnership journey with Simpson Associaies.

“For me, it was the ideal situation because the reality was actually more cost-effective for us. Plus, I was no longer reliant on one person. I had the whole Simpsons’ team.”

Olatunji Jinadu
Head of Solutions Delivery, Royal British Legion

Managed DBA Service for RBL

Simpson Associates provide a reliable and cost-effective managed DBA service to take care of Royal British Legions’ SQL Server Databases.

How can we help you?

Let’s discuss how we can transform your disconnected data into actionable insights for better outcomes.

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