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Ambulance Services

We accelerate ambulance services data journeys to ensure enhanced safety and efficiency, ultimately, saving seconds and lives.

Our Expertise in Ambulance Services

It is no secret that UK ambulance services are under immense strain.  

The ever-increasing numbers of calls per day, acceptable response times shortening, post pandemic pressure and staffing shortages paint a critical picture. 

Amongst this chaos, Ambulance Service IT personal is met with the question: ‘how can ambulance services juggle all of this while saving lives?’  

That is where Simpson Associates come in. 

 With over 3 decades of data expertise and close partnerships within the blue light sector, we can deliver solutions that meet response times, utilise resources and help you juggle all these factors while focusing on the safety of society. Our expertise ranges from Microsoft technology implementation and data migration services, as well as everything in between. 

We want to help your ambulance service maximise efficiency and save the maximum number of lives possible, utilising the power of data. 

Together, let’s ensure every ambulance reaches those in need, faster. 

Our Ambulance Service Clients

Ambulance Services Data

  • 11.5 Million Emergency calls where received by UK ambulance services in 2022
  • 7 Minutes In 2022, the NHS in England reported that ambulances reached the most serious (Category 1) calls within an average of 7 minutes and 45 seconds. The target is 7 minutes. 
  • 15% There has been a 15% rise in mental health calls, with 1.8 million in one year.
  • 250,000 250,000 Incidents experiencing ambulance handover delays exceeding 15 minutes. 

Challenges and Solutions in Ambulance Services

Every ambulance service has the common goal of saving lives as efficiently as possible, but not all services have the most efficient data systems in place.

We understand the challenges of ambulance personnel and are prepared to find a solution, custom to fit your service and your data needs.

Our data, including patient records, incident reports, and vehicle diagnostics is spread across different systems. Is there a way to diminish our data siloes allowing for seamless integration, while still prioritising data security?

A data integration solution would establish a centralised data repository that aggregates information from disparate sources including dispatch systems and GPS trackers. This would allow for effective data analysis and valuable insights, optimising operational processes.

Are there tools available to effectively manage the vast amount of medical equipment data in our ambulance service, ensuring timely maintenance, tracking usage patterns, and optimising inventory levels to avoid critical shortages during emergencies?

Data management software streamlines medical equipment data handling for ambulance services. It efficiently tracks equipment usage, schedules maintenance, monitors inventory in real-time, and makes demand forecasting easier. When utilising advanced analytics, you can ensure access to critical supplies for all emergencies.

With ever-tightening response targets to meet, managing demand and avoiding response delays is a constant battle. How can we leverage data to minimise these delays, optimise resource allocation and ensure seamless communication between dispatch and crews during critical moments?

Response delays within ambulance services can be shortened with real-time data solutions that provide proactive support mechanisms and streamline communication. Data modernisation solutions and visualisations in Power BI empowers ambulance services to enhance their responsiveness, empower their crews, and save lives.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with Ambulance Services in mind. These include: Demand Forecasting, Data Modernisation and our comprehensive AI Assessment.

  • Solutions

  • Technologies

Demand Forecasting

Our Demand Forecasting solution provides your ambulance service with the ability to ensure optimum resource allocation (including equipment, ambulances, and staff), ultimately saving the maximum number of lives. This solution can be designed to fit your needs and will ensure you are staying ahead of the curve. 

AI Assessment

Our AI Assessment allows you to harness the power of AI. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of how Artificial Intelligence can transform your ambulance service, through specific ways AI can drive efficiency and optimise operations. This assessment provides expert guidance to propel your service’s success. 

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available as an Essentials or Premium package, focuses on how a data strategy and data platform can enable your business to reach its corporate goals. We look at where you are now on your data journey, where you want to be, and most importantly, a roadmap to get you there.  

Data Quality Management

Poor data is holding many ambulance services back. Our solution gets your data into the right shape, fast. It does this by generating applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management to deliver information from one source that can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. 

Data Modernisation

Based on real- world experience with ambulance services, our proven process starts with an in-depth Analytics Assessment and Data Maturity Assessment. Then we leverage the power of Azure Data Platform to create a custom solution that addresses your data needs to ensure your ambulance services data platform is fit for purpose. 

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI proves indispensable for ambulance services, offering intuitive data visualisation, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy interpretation of critical data, enabling seamless communication during emergencies. With Power BI, ambulance services gain a powerful tool to drive operational excellence, ultimately saving more lives in critical situations.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure emerges as the premier platform for enhancing ambulance services.

Leveraging its comprehensive suite of tools and technologies, ambulance operations can efficiently manage data storage, processing and analytics. The scalability of Azure ensures seamless adaptation to increasing data volumes without compromising performance or reliability.


Databricks presents a pivotal solution for ambulance services, providing robust tools for data management, analytics, and machine learning. Through its collaborative platform, Databricks facilitates seamless teamwork and knowledge exchange within emergency response departments.

Let’s harness your data to transform your organisation.

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