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Build a strong data foundation: start your transformation journey with expert advice.

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They are needing to strength their data foundation.

They are wanting to explore their data options and find a secure starting point that will address their data needs.

They are wanting to understand their data maturity in more depth and want to bolster it.

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  • Data Strategy

  • Assessment Services

  • Data Maturity Assessment

  • CDO as a Service

  • Operating Model

  • Data Governance

Data Strategy

Data can be a goldmine, but without the right strategy, it’s just a pile of rocks.

Unlock its true potential with Simpson Associates. We’re data experts, and we help organisations like yours turn raw data into actionable insights that drive growth and innovation.

Our expert advice goes beyond storage. We focus on optimising how you use and manage your data, transforming it from a burden into a powerful asset.

Ready to take control? Our comprehensive assessments pinpoint your data strategy challenges and create a roadmap to success.

“Simpson Associates’ Data Strategy Assessment was a game-changer. It went beyond just giving us a clear picture of our data; it provided a comprehensive roadmap for unlocking its full potential. This included addressing areas like process optimisation, data governance, security, and even employee skill development. This holistic approach will empower us to make informed choices, streamline operations, and ultimately pave the way for sustainable growth.”

Guy Bebbington
Managing Director, Cameron Homes

Level up your data strategy game with our Free of Charge Data Strategy Discovery.

FREE Data Strategy Discovery

Take control of your organisation’s data strategy and sign up for our Free of Charge Data Strategy Discovery.

Assessment Services

Unlock the potential of your data with our comprehensive assessment services.

We have multiple different assessment services, tailored to fit every business need. We offer assessments for everything from our Modern Data Analytics Assessment to define a clear data modernisation strategy, right through to a Power Platform Assessment, Fabric Assessment, AI Assessment or Cloud Adoption Assessment. All of our assessment services provide holistic evaluations to streamline your processes.

Let us empower your organisation with actionable insights in the shape of assessment services, guiding you towards a data-driven future.

“Engaging with Simpson Associates to carry out a Data Analytics Solution Assessment laid the foundation towards a business case for St Andrew’s Data Modernisation journey – a key objective of which is to increase capability to complete prescriptive & predictive analytics, with the ultimate goal of achieving a significant step change to the care of our patients.”

Murtz Daud
Chief Data Officer, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Ready to optimise your data for maximum impact?

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment focuses on how a data strategy and data platform can enable your business to reach its goals.

Data Maturity Assessment

Many organisations struggle to make the most of their data. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Data maturity measures an organisation’s ability to use its data effectively to achieve its objectives. At Simpsons, we offer a Data Maturity Assessment that gives you the opportunity to analyse and understand your data in relation to the 6 pillars of Data Maturity – plan, platform, process, investment, people and reporting.

By evaluating your organisation’s data maturity level, you can identify areas for improvement and set a roadmap for success.

“The value Simpson Associates brought to Suffolk County Council through their Modern Data Analytics Assessment was critical to enabling us to move forward with our plans at pace. They really listened to us. Often echoing our ideas, but also challenging us when the need arose, their expertise and experience in all things data helped shape our data transformation journey.”

Deborah Lanagan
IT Product Manager – Adult & Community Services and Public Health & Communities, Suffolk County Council

Find out how mature your data is within your organisation and get a head start on improving it.

Data Maturity Quiz

Data Maturity Quiz

Do you know how mature your organisations data is? Take our comprehensive quiz to get the bigger picture.

CDO as a Service

The strategic direction of how an organisation harnesses the power of their data usually falls to the position of Chief Data Officer (CDO). But what if the full time hire of a CDO isn’t within reach for your organisation?

CDO as a Service is a subscription-based model that provides organisations with the expertise and guidance of a Chief Data Officer (CDO), without the need for a full-time hire. The service provides a senior executive who can drive the strategy and execution of data and analytics initiatives, helping organisations harness the power of data to achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

CDO as a Service

Maximise your data’s potential with our flexible and efficient CDO as a Service offering.

Operating Model

As part of being your Trusted Advisor, we offer advice and consultancy around implementing the right Operating Model for your data transformation journey.

As a trusted advisor, our flexible approach to working with our clients ensures we can provide the right kind of support to fit your requirements. We help to understand your skills gaps and provide sufficient capability as needed. It may be your situation requires ongoing management of a technology solution or additional on-demand resource to supplement your operating model. Whatever the scenario, we can provide the right type of support.

Meet like-minded data experts!

Want to improve your data knowledge, surrounded by fellow data friends? Every month we host our Forum to empower and inspire!

Data Governance

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe.

Our Data Governance solutions ensures your data is managed effectively, maintaining quality, security, and compliance, all whilst streamlining your processes.

Our experts design policies governing data lifecycle, ensuring reliability from acquisition to disposal. Through data classification and access control, we safeguard sensitive information while promoting data utilisation.

Through our data governance services, unlock the untapped value within your data assets and foster enhanced data security measures.

Lady opening data oppotunities

Check out our security blog!

Security is the cornerstone of any robust platform. To find out more about data governance and its importance, read our blog ‘The Symbiosis of Security and Governance’.

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