Modern Data Analytics Essential Assessment

No matter where you are in your data journey, or what your existing data function may look like, the Modern Data Analytics Essential Assessment can help.

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The Modern Data Analytics Essential Assessment helps your business to understand the complexities of adopting cloud data services. It’s perfect for organisations at the beginning of their data journey, have a legacy data warehouse solution, or are not getting the expected value from the cloud platform that they have in place.

What is the Modern Data Analytics Platform Assessment? 

By reviewing the current state of your data and comparing it to your desired future state, we can help you define and build a data analytics strategy, which will help you unlock the potential of the data you have and increase the value of data to your organisation.  

Using our proven methodology of Understand – Educate – Define, we will run a series of workshops to ensure that we fully understand your organisation and objectives and how you can maximise the value and use of data across the organisation. 




“Engaging with Simpson Associates to carry out a Data Analytics Solution Assessment laid the foundation towards a business case for St Andrew’s Data Modernisation journey – a key objective of which is to increase capability to complete prescriptive & predictive analytics, with the ultimate goal of achieving a significant step change to the care of our patients.”

Murtz Daud, Chief Data Officer, St Andrew’s Healthcare.



  • Current State Analysis 
  • Data Maturity Assessment Tool – DMAT 
  • Business Needs and Objectives 
  • Existing Skills Assessment 

During this phase we concentrate on understanding your organisation by reviewing the current state and assess any technical analytical applications that are in scope.  We have developed our unique Data Maturity Assessment Tool, and this will be used to gain a full understand of the maturity of the use of data across the organisation.  We spend time understand the business needs and goals and how data is expected to be used.  Finally, we conduct a skills assessment of the organisation. 


  • Educate on the Azure Platform and options 

This phase concentrates on educating the organisation on the possibilities of using Azure Data Services and exploring possible architectures to support potential use cases.  


  • Future State data platform and tooling
  • Adoption Plan and Roadmap
  • Required Skills and Gap Analysis
  • Possible Extension options – ML, AI, IoT
  • Input into a business case – TCO and cost estimates

During the define phase we bring together all the information gathered and provide information that covers the future state, including the required tooling.  Alongside this, there is an adoption plan and roadmap to achieve the future state.  We will undertake a skills gap analysis from the existing to the required skills. We will consider possible extension options that may exist for advanced analytics such as Machine Learning, IoT and AI.

Benefits & Deliverables

The assessment will help your business to understand the complexities of adopting cloud data services, by providing you with all the information you need to take the next step. It adds value if you are just at the beginning of your data journey, have a legacy data warehouse solution or are not getting the expected value from the current cloud platform that you have in place.

The assessment typically requires 8 to 10 hours of your time over a series of 1.5-hour workshops, aiming to complete the whole assessment process within 2 to 4 weeks.  We work with you to define the detailed scope and deliverables of the engagement, then align resources so the process is as meets the required timelines.

We will provide all the information you need to move to the next stage of your data journey. The output document typically presented in PowerPoint, will provide a clear picture of the options, the expected benefits, the skills required, the anticipated costs and most importantly a roadmap to get you there.

Why Simpson Associates

At Simpson Associates data is in our DNA, and knowing how to leverage it in all its forms enables us to never miss the mark. We’re a leading Data Analytics Consultancy and Managed Service provider, specialising in data performance, and data management. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we hold four Competencies in Data and BI. We’re also proud to be an IBM Gold partner, specialising in Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics (TM1) and Information Governance, and an Informatica Partner. This ecosystem of technology vendor relationships equips us with a deeper expertise, enabling us to deliver the best solutions to meet your individual business needs.

Next Steps

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