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Simpson Associates empowers Housebuilders to unlock the power of data, a fundamental driver of success in today’s market.

Our Expertise in Housebuilders

At Simpson Associates, we understand the transformative power of data in today’s dynamic housebuilding and construction landscape. Technology is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a fundamental driver of success.

In today’s competitive and often unpredictable economic climate, housebuilders require a sharper edge. The ability to make faster, deeper, and fact-based decisions is paramount. This is where Simpson Associates steps in. As your full-service data analytics partner, we offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for the housebuilding industry. From granular insights at the plot level to clear and actionable data visualisations for leadership, we empower informed financial planning, resource allocation, and strategic decision-making.

We leverage the power of data to predict market trends and customer preferences, allowing you to make informed decisions about future developments. Additionally, our data warehousing solutions offer seamless access and analysis, fostering a data-driven culture across your organisation. Finally, our team of experts can develop bespoke solutions to address your unique housebuilding challenges.

Let Simpson Associates be your partner in building a smarter future.

“Innovation is at the core of Cameron Homes, and data-driven decisions are critical to achieving it. Simpson Associates’ Data Strategy Assessment was a game-changer. It went beyond just giving us a clear picture of our data; it provided a comprehensive roadmap for unlocking its full potential. This included addressing areas like process optimisation, data governance, security, and even employee skill development. This holistic approach will empower us to make informed choices, streamline operations, and ultimately pave the way for sustainable growth.”

Guy Bebbington
Managing Director, Cameron Homes

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Sector Specific Data

  • 44% The amount new home registrations dropped in 2023
  • 13% New home completions down in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023
  • 21,967 New homes were registered to be built in Q1 2024

Challenges & Solutions in Housebuilders

No Two Builds Are Identical, Neither Are Your Data Needs.

We at Simpson Associates understand that every housebuilder faces unique challenges. That’s why we tailor data solutions to fit your evolving needs throughout your data journey. Let us unleash the power of your information, simplifying the process and empowering you to deliver exceptional housing developments.


Housebuilders collect valuable data from sales, construction sites, CRMs, and finances, but it’s trapped in separate systems. This fragmented data landscape makes getting a complete picture and actionable insights a major challenge.

Data warehouses act as a central hub, while APIs and data lakes break down communication barriers between systems. This creates a single source of truth, providing a complete picture of your operations.

Missing info, duplicate entries, & formatting across departments plague housebuilder data. Without standardised formats & data governance, reliable decision-making becomes difficult which are necessary to ensure reliable decision-making.

Speak to our experts about standardising your data formats and implement data governance. Imagine – clean, consistent data across departments. This gives you a reliable foundation for making informed decisions that drive success.

Housebuilders are collecting more data than ever, but it’s just sitting there. The lack of in-house data scientists and analysts means all this valuable information can’t be translated into actionable insights, hindering data-driven decisions and operational optimisation.

Partner with data analytics experts like Simpson Associates. We bridge the gap between raw data & actionable insights. Helping you unlock the power of your data, optimise operations for a competitive edge.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with Housebuilders. These include: Data Strategy and Microsoft Fabric & Power BI Accelerators.

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Modern Data Analytics Assessment

What if your data could help you build better homes, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge?

Simpson Associates offers a Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available in two options: Essentials and Premium. This assessment helps you understand how a data strategy and platform can transform your housebuilding business.

Fabric 5 Day POC

Experience the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric first-hand with our comprehensive Fabric 5-day Proof of Concept.

Our PoC provides Housebuilders with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Fabric’s features, capabilities, and benefits. On top of this, it will allow you to explore relevant use cases that can be delivered by this innovative solution – quickly and easily. Partner with Simpson Associates to unlock the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric.

AI Assessment

Build Smarter, Not Harder. We unlock the Power of AI for Housebuilders. Imagine streamlining processes, optimising operations, and delivering exceptional customer experiences – all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Simpson Associates offers a comprehensive AI Assessment designed specifically for housebuilders. We go beyond the hype & delve into the practical applications of AI in your industry. Whether you’re just starting your AI journey or scaling existing projects, this assessment provides expert guidance and actionable insights to propel your success. Ready to take your AI journey to the next level?

Microsoft Azure

Build Smarter with Powerful Data Tools. Microsoft Azure offers a construction toolbox packed with tools housebuilders require to get started on their data journey, including: data storage, processing, analytics, and visualisation.

Azures scalability enables businesses like housebuilders to effortlessly manage expanding data volumes while upholding performance and reliability standards. Azure’s seamless integration with other Microsoft products promotes smooth workflows and collaboration.

Imagine a future where your entire housebuilding team thrives on a single, powerful data platform. Microsoft Fabric makes it a reality. This revolutionary AI-powered platform brings everyone together, transforming the way you work with data.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is your secret weapon for making strategic decisions in a competitive market.

Its intuitive interface lets you easily visualise complex information, from sales figures to construction timelines. Gain instant insights and understand your business performance at a glance. No more struggling to interpret data – Power BI empowers you to communicate clear and actionable insights to stakeholders at all levels.

Furthermore, Power BI seamlessly integrates with various data sources. This allows you to consolidate information from across your entire business – sales, finance, construction sites, and more. This unified data landscape gives you a holistic view of your operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that optimise efficiency and drive success. Get in touch today and let’s unlock the power of data for your business!

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Case Study: Cameron Homes’ Data Transformation Journey

Case Study: Cameron Homes’ Data Transformation Journey

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