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Local Authorities & Regional Government

We’re data experts who help Local Authorities and Regional Government make sense of their data, with secure and cost-effective solutions.

Our Expertise in Local Government

Councils and Regional government bodies collect and maintain some of the richest citizen data assets. The insights hidden in these disconnected datasets hold the key to improving service efficiency, design, and quality. By adopting a data driven approach councils can streamline services, save public funds, empower citizens, and become a more efficient and responsive local authority organisation.

However, a lack of available technology and expertise present barriers to harnessing the power of their data. Disconnected datasets make it difficult to generate, trusted insights and deliver them promptly for informed decision making.

This is where Simpson Associates step in. We have extensive experience, supporting Local Government and Regional Governments like St Helens Council, Hull City Council, Stockport Council, Swansea City Council, Isle of Wight, and Leeds City Council to transform their data into actionable insights. We leverage technology to unlock the power of data and empower you to deliver better services for UK citizens.

“Our Modern Data Platform will allow us to make data use more integral, more innovative and more widely understood. As a consequence, outcomes for our residents in Essex are improved, both for now and the future.”

Nicola Mallett
Head of Profession Data and Analytics, Essex County Council

Other Clients

Sector Specific Data

  • 620,000 Children in England facing “complex family environments”
  • 943,628 Cases of domestic violence and abuse
  • £5.2 B Is spent resolving cases of abuse and domestic violence.
  • £3 B Uncollected council tax revenues

Challenges in Local Authorities

Rest assured that we recognise the distinctiveness of every challenge and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our adaptability ensures that we evolve alongside you throughout your data journey. Entrust us to unlock the power of your data, streamlining the path for you to provide exceptional services.

How can local authorities overcome the challenges of data that is kept in an abundance of vendor-specific solutions that create integration issues, across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS platforms?

Invest in a central data platform that seamlessly integrates all your data sources. Don’t forget data governance. Ensure it is in place to ensure consistent data management practices.

How can local authorities effectively meet government initiatives and evidence their success when various departments struggle to access timely and accurate data insights.

A data platform built for specific use cases can enable councils to easily report on KPI’s to evidence success and unlock potential funding.

 How can local authorities break down cultural barriers and secure senior leadership buy in to foster a data-driven approach that utilises and governs data effectively?

By assessing your data maturity and developing a clear data strategy focused on council benefits, you’ll gain a clear picture of the value well managed data can bring to your authority.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with Local Government in mind. These include: Citizen Insights Platform Accelerator, Data Strategy and Power BI Accelerators.

  • Solutions

  • Technologies

Supporting Families Data Platform

Revolutionise Supporting Families. Our end-to-end solution provides local Council’s with a single view of the child and family. This powerful solution identifies families in need by combining data from multiple sources, streamlining support delivery and collaboration across the full breadth of your council’s operations.

Use the power of your data for early intervention, coordinated services and better outcomes for vulnerable families.

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available as an Essentials or Premium package, is designed specifically for local government organisations at the beginning of their data journey, or those struggling to get the most out of existing cloud platforms or legacy data warehouses.

The Assessment goes beyond generic solutions. We use our proven “Understand-Educate-Define” methodology to gain a deep understanding of your organisation’s data landscape, current challenges, and strategic goals. Through a series of workshops, we will work with you to: understand your current state, educate you on modern solutions and define your future roadmap. We’ll map out a clear roadmap to get you there.

Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights Solutions

Identify vulnerable residents and target support effectively, our vulnerability index and debts insights solution brings together data from all areas to create a single view of individuals, their debts, and their level of need for additional support. Utilising a vulnerability index enables councils to pinpoint those who are most vulnerable and urgently need help amid the challenges posed by the current cost-of-living crisis.

Debt Recovery Solutions

Unlock the full potential of debt recovery for vital areas such as Council Tax, Rents, and Fines. Establish an unshakeable foundation by crafting a reliable Single View of Debt for every citizen, encompassing Council Tax, Business Rates, Rents, Sundries, and Fines, all coupled with the latest contact information.

Anticipate repayment probabilities with unparalleled accuracy and tailor recovery strategies, accordingly, ensuring optimal outcomes. By harnessing predictive analytics, we empower councils to maximize debt recovery efforts, safeguarding vital revenue streams while maintaining the highest standards of citizen support.

AI Assessment

Uncertain how AI can truly benefit your council? Simpson Associates’ AI Assessment cuts through the noise and provides a clear path to success.

Maximise your AI potential with our comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond hype to uncover how AI can enhance efficiency, optimise operations, and elevate citizen services and can identify potential areas for cost savings through data driven optimisation. Whether you are starting your AI journey or scaling projects, our assessment offers expert guidance for success.

Microsoft Fabric 5 Day Proof of Concept (POC)

Unleash efficiency and streamline operations in your council with our Microsoft Fabric POC.

Experience the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric first-hand with our comprehensive 5-day Proof of Concept. Our PoC will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Fabric’s features, capabilities, and benefits tailored to the unique needs of local government. On top of this, it will allow you to explore relevant use cases relevant to your council, showcasing how Fabric can streamline processes seamlessly across departments to improve efficiency, enhance citizen services and more.

Our 5-day PoC is a low-risk, high-reward investment.  It allows you to explore the value of Fabric for your council without a major upfront commitment.


RedactXpert is an AI-powered auto-redaction tool powered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to automatically find and redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Save your council time with RedactXpert.

Citizen Insight Accelerator

Turn disconnected data into a high-quality and accessible asset, leading to better decision making for the betterment of the organisation and ultimately, the lives of citizens.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure stands as a premier platform. Access a wide array of tools and technologies designed to handle data storage, processing, analytics, and visualisation efficiently.

Its scalability allows businesses to seamlessly accommodate growing data volumes while maintaining performance and reliability. Azure’s integration with other Microsoft products fosters seamless workflows and collaboration.


Databricks offers local authorities a powerful solution for data projects, enabling efficient data processing, analytics, and machine learning. Its collaborative platform fosters teamwork and knowledge sharing among government departments.

With Databricks’ scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics capabilities, you can derive valuable insights to enhance services and decision-making, promoting efficiency and transparency.

Microsoft Fabric

Fabric is a complete analytics platform that can revolutionise the way your team works with data. It brings everyone together on a single AI capable platform built for the future.

By centralising data operations, it enhances transparency and accountability, empowering local authorities to deliver improved services and address community needs effectively.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an ideal technology for providing intuitive data visualisation, analysis, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily interpret data and communicate insights with a range of different stakeholders.

Power BI’s seamless integration with various data sources, empowers you to consolidate and analyse data from diverse sources giving you clear actionable insights.

Local Authorities & Regional Government Projects

North Yorkshire Council

North Yorkshire Council

North Yorkshire Council transforms social care and empowers social workers with AI Proof-of-Concept

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Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council choose Simpson Associates to collaboratively design and deliver their Azure Synapse Modern Data Platform.

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Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure

Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure

Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure. Utilising the Microsoft Stack, Simpson Associates and Commissioning Alliance collaboratively delivered a Data Warehouse with Data Reporting Capabilities with Power BI.

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Essex County Council unlock the power of data with the Azure Modern Data Platform

Essex County Council unlock the power of data with the Azure Modern Data Platform

Essex County Council engaged Simpson Associates to develop a strategy for the design and delivery of a Modern Data Analytics Platform utilising Microsoft Azure.

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