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Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights Solution

Bring together data from all areas to create a single view of individuals, their debts, and their level of need for additional support using a vulnerability index to identify individuals most in need of support during the cost-of-living crisis.

What is the Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights solution?

The cost of living crisis is putting a strain on many families, putting more people at risk of poverty or homelessness.

Local council data is more important than ever in identifying vulnerable citizens and targeting support more effectively to help citizens out of poverty and reduce homelessness.

A single trusted record for each citizen can help identify debts attached to movers (redirects), wilful avoiders and those in hardship who may require interventions and payment plans back to a stable position. A single record can improve communication and collaboration between team and departments.

The vulnerability index and debt insights solution is a comprehensive solution that helps councils identify and support citizens who are most at risk during the cost-of-living crisis. The solution provides a complete and accurate single view of a citizens debts and entitlements, which councils can use to develop targeted interventions and report on progress.

Our approach consolidates data from the breadth of sources available, including: citizen records, debts and benefits, social metrics and external reference sets to provide a holistic understanding of each citizen’s circumstances.

Benefits of Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights Solution

Better and accurate identification of at-risk citizens

Reduce homelessness through early intervention and payment planning

Gain a single view of debts that all teams can access and use

Redistribute resources from manual data processing activities to deliver analytics or more impactful work

Improved citizen navigation to benefits, entitlements, and support services

Reduced process risk by reducing potential for error, data security, or single points of failure

Improved data quality and ability to develop and implement tech solutions for wider use cases based on a scalable platform


Bring data together in a single scalable platform and create a trusted Single View of your citizens and households.

On-time intervention

Timely identification and intervention of the people most in need of additional help during the cost-of-living crisis

Move towards prevention

Maximise incomes and collaborate as a team to address the funding challenge

An accurate single view of a child

A focused Vulnerability Index developed against your data assets.

This innovative solution has the potential to revolutionise how your authority supports vulnerable families and reduces debt across their authority.

Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights Solution deliverables: What you get


Azure Landing Zone and Modern Data Analytics Platform (Data Lake and/or Data Warehouse).


Identifying the different data sources and ETL pipelines to ingest the necessary data.


Power BI solution bespoke to your needs, delivering the insights you need.


The Vulnerability Index and Debt Insights Solution will deliver a commissioned service with a bespoke design and governance framework. We will also create an end-to-end template for a given use case, from ingestion to transformation to reporting.

The opportunity to bring together information and data onto a single data platform is revolutionary.

Kate ThackerDetective Chief Superintendent

Simpson Associates demonstrated that they were true experts in the field; within a few weeks they had a solid understanding of our business requirements and turned around an initial solution within an astonishingly quick timescale. From delivering the budget within a tight timeframe to supporting our learning and development, Simpson Associates has allowed us to become genuinely self-sufficient, sharing their knowledge and expertise at every step of our journey.

Gillian TroupGroup Financial Controller

Simpson Associates provided us with the expertise to see us through the design and the implementation phases and potential problems that we hit and got us through those. But they also understood our needs as a charity, the components that make up our data warehouse come partly from Microsoft, partly from other companies like Civica and Simpson Associates provided the glue to help us bring those together and get the best out of them.

Jon FoxAssociate Director of IT

Simpson Associates was dedicated to matching our brief, There was healthy debate of course but they always presented reasoned responses, or accommodated our wishes when needed. It’s a very flexible relationship and the synergy we’ve built is vital to the knowledge transfer process.

Neil Spreadbury Commercial Finance Officer

Why Simpson Associates can help customers address vulnerability and debt throughout their authority journey as a Microsoft Partner

Simpson Associates is a Microsoft Partner with over 30 years of data experience. We have the expertise to help councils get the most out of Microsoft technologies. We have a deep understanding of Microsoft Fabric and how it can be used to help build better lives for your citizens.

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