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Data Engineering & Integration

In today’s world organisations rely on effective data backed decisions to stay ahead of the curve. Often the data required is spread across the whole enterprise, slowing down your processes. We specialise in bringing this data together in a way that puts your organisation ahead.

Clients come to us when…

Resources are squeezed, we can be an extension to your team in a cost effective way!

They want a quick and seamless integration.

They have challenging and complex integration plans and need expert guidance.

What we can do for you

  • Data Modelling

  • MDM & Data Matching

  • Data Integration

  • Data Architecture

  • Real Time & IOT Services

  • Data Quality Management

Data Modelling

Organised and transformed data drives better decision making.

We specialise in structuring and organising data to reflect your specific needs. Working with you to identify key entities, define relationships and accurately represent your business processes, so you can have a data platform that works with you.

Automate the flow of data across your systems, ensuring smooth extraction, transformation, and loading processes into your chosen data lake or warehouse.

We can support you with a range of different technologies: Microsoft, Databricks and IBM.

Help! The data in my reports isn’t complete or accurate

Organisations wisely invest to ensure their BI and Data Science projects are properly scoped, developed and deployed, but often never really test the quality of their data until it’s in the hands of their consumers.

MDM & Data Matching

Improve your data quality and decision making with a trusted single view of key data.

Master Data Management is your compass through the sea of data chaos. Bring together critical information like customers, products, and suppliers into a unified source of the truth.

Wade through the duplicates and discrepancies with precision matching, streamlining your processes and fortify your data against errors and inefficiencies. Your existing data warehouses and data lakes provide the ideal foundation for organising and storing vast volumes of data.

“Simpsons have been an excellent partner to Essex during the delivery of our data strategy. Their collaborative approach has meant they’ve adapted to our ways of working, supported ECC to develop our skills and ensured as a council we’ve achieved best-value. Our Modern Data Platform will allow us to unlock the value of our data, better servicing our citizens and supporting those in need. It sets Essex up to become a truly data led authority in the years to come.”

Nicola Mallett
Head of Profession Data and Analytics, Essex County Council

Essex County Council unlock the power of data with the Azure Modern Data Platform

Essex County Council needed a Modern Data Analytics platform based upon Azure Synapse and Power BI, with additional features including Purview for Data Cataloguing and Governance. 

Data Integration

Start breaking down your data silos and facilitate better decision making.

Supercharge your ability to harness insights and drive results. Collate data from diverse sources like the cloud, databases, applications and file systems into a unified data set, for analytics, reporting, and application development.

We don’t stop there; we can help you integrate with cutting edge technologies like Data Virtualisation for real-time analytics and Microsoft Purview so you can trust your data is governed and managed wherever it lives.

“Simpson Associates provided us with the expertise to see us through the design and the implementation phases and potential problems that we hit and got us through those. But they also understood our needs as a charity, the components that make up our data warehouse come partly from Microsoft, partly from other companies like Civica and Simpson Associates provided the glue to help us bring those together and get the best out of them.”

Jon Fox
Associate Director of IT, Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society Unlocks Volunteer Power with Data-Driven Insights

Alzheimer’s Society’s data was siloed across various systems, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of their volunteer base.

Data Architecture

Build a solid foundation for organisational success!

We’re here to streamline your journey from start to finish. We help you understand your data sources, how they can be integrated and stored securely in the cloud and build the right level of access to data for your organisational needs.

Our team of experts guide you through the process building tailored solutions available both in the cloud and on-premises, designed to elevate your business to new hights.

We navigate you through the complexities, leveraging top-tier technologies across the Microsoft Azure platform such as Fabric and Databricks, IBM Cloud Data Warehouse, plus introducing key concepts like Microsoft Purview and Unity Catalog for governance, data lineage and cataloguing.

We will help you understand which data architecture is right for you. Whether you need a data mesh, virtualisation or modern data warehouse and lakehouse, we’ll collaborate with you to sculpt the perfect solution for your organisation.

“Our Modern Data Platform will allow us to unlock the value of our data, better servicing our citizens and supporting those in need. It sets Essex up to become a truly data led authority in the years to come.”

Nicola Mallett
Head of Profession Data and Analytics, Essex County Council

ETL Framework Accelerator

Accelerate and standardise the creation of a cloud hosted data platform with Simpson Associates tried, tested, and trusted ETL Framework Accelerator

Real Time & IOT Services

Leverage the power your IoT network and act upon data in real time.

From lightning-fast analytics to seamless communication, we put you ahead of the curve responding to events as they happen and not after the fact.

Have unparalleled connectivity at your fingertips: connect your devices, physical objects and sensors to the internet for immediate data collection for your every need.

Power Platform Assessment

Align, Optimise, Transform: Your Tailored Power Platform Roadmap for Success. The Microsoft Power Platform isn’t just a collection of tools; it is a transformative bridge between your data and the powerful decisions that drive your business forward.  

Data Quality Management

Don’t let poor data hold you back!

Ensure your data is trustworthy, reliable, and fit for purpose. We specialise in ensuring you have the right processes in place to improve your data quality, suitability.

Implementing policies, procedures, and controls for managing and maintaining data quality throughout its lifecycle. This includes defining roles and responsibilities, establishing data quality metrics, and enforcing compliance with data quality standards.

“By partnering with Simpson Associates and their next generation knowledge, we are opening a world of possibilities when it comes to guiding our decisions. This has the potential to transform efficiency, precision, and strategic data-driven choices, enhancing our mission”.

Mary O’Callaghan
Director of Technology (Medical) at the British Heart Foundation

Data Management & Data Landing Zone(s) Accelerator

A scalable and secure way to organise your data environments.

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