Power Platform Assessment

Align, Optimise, Transform: Your Tailored Power Platform Roadmap for Success.

The Microsoft Power Platform isn’t just a collection of tools; it is a transformative bridge between your data and the powerful decisions that drive your business forward.  

But unlocking its full potential requires more than tinkering. 

What is a Power Platform Assessment? 

The Simpson Associates Power Platform Assessment will empower your organisation to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Power Platform.  

Our assessment is a laser-focused evaluation that goes beyond surface-level checks. We deep-dive into your current setup of your Microsoft Power Platform.  

We will analyse your aspirations and illuminate the critical gaps holding you back. Think of it as an X-ray for your Power Platform, revealing hidden potential and paving the path to optimised performance. 

During the assessment, we will take a look at the following:  

The assessment will provide actionable insights, clear next steps, and the confidence that your Power Platform is not just a tool, but a strategic asset propelling your organisation forward. 

Why choose Simpson Associates as your Power Platform partner? 

We are not just Power Platform users; we are fluent in its language, deeply understanding its nuances and hidden potential. We see possibilities others miss and translate them into powerful solutions for your organisation. 

Our experts go beyond the surface, leaving no stone unturned in your Power Platform landscape. Uncovering hidden weaknesses and untapped opportunities, ensuring your platform is optimized for success. 

Forget black box solutions. We craft bespoke Power Platform architectures tailored to your unique use cases and future ambitions. Our designs are not just functional, they are scalable, future-proof, and built to grow alongside your business. 

That goes beyond surface-level checks, validating your practices against industry best practices. Our expert guidance ensures your Power Platform is not just compliant but optimised for maximum impact.  

Choose Simpson Associates and transform your Power Platform from a tool into a strategic asset, propelling your business forward.

What is your Assessment Toolkit?

 An assessment of your Power Platform solution, integration, practices, and governance, providing a 360-degree view. 

Your organisation will be empowered to unleash the full potential of Power Platform through a seamless integration process, the streamlining of workflows, and a boost in user productivity.

You can unlock the secrets to building a robust, secure, and future-proof Power Platform environment. 

We chart the course for building your Center of Excellence and fostering widespread Power Platform adoption across your organisation. 

Power Platform Assessment outcomes

Gain an accelerated approach to identifying your critical gaps in your current set up and unlock your tailored roadmap for implementing high impact Power Platform Applications. 

Clear next steps roadmap 

Get a personalised roadmap with clear, actionable steps for each step of your Power Platform Journey. Ensuring you are always moving forward towards your Power Platform goals. 

Implement with confidence, knowing your design and approach are aligned with industry best practices. 

Trusted expertise

Gain access to our solution specialists, your trusted partners, tailoring recommendations to your specific needs. 

Next Steps

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your Power Platform?  

Contact Simpson Associates today and let our expert assessment ignite your journey. We will assess, strategise, and guide you towards a future where Power Platform fuels your success. 

Book your consultation today.

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