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Infrastructure & Security

Future-proof your organisation with confidence. Partner with Simpson Associates for secure infrastructure and security services.

Clients come to us when…

When are facing complex security challenges & need a multi layered approach that protects thier data and access control across thier entire infrastructure.

When they need to modernise on-premises databases (like SQL Server) and need a partner they can trust to handle the migration with minimal disruption.

When they are seeking peace of mind in a trusted data partner to help them stay ahead of security threats, ensuring thier infrastructure remains secure for years to come.

What we can do for you

  • Cloud Security

  • Data Migration Services

  • Identity Security

  • Database Modernisation & Migration

  • SQL Server Migration

  • Security Standard Readiness – Cyber Essentials

Cloud Security

Migrating your data and applications to the Microsoft Cloud opens doors to scalability, agility, and innovation. However, ensuring a secure cloud environment is paramount. That’s where Simpson Associates comes in.

As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner holding the Advanced Specialisation in Azure App Migration, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to protect your valuable assets in the cloud. Our team stays current on the latest security threats and best practices, allowing us to design and implement robust security measures tailored to your specific needs.

Data Migration Services

Moving your data and applications to the cloud can unlock a world of benefits, from increased scalability and cost-efficiency to enhanced collaboration and innovation. However, navigating the complexities of data migration can be daunting.

That’s where Simpson Associates comes in. We are a trusted partner for your cloud migration journey, offering a comprehensive suite of data migration services designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. Our team of certified experts possesses in-depth knowledge of various cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, and leverages industry-leading migration tools to minimise downtime and disruption to your operations.

By partnering with Simpson Associates, you gain peace of mind knowing your data migration is in the hands of experienced professionals. We’ll handle the technical complexities, allowing you to focus on the strategic benefits of leveraging the cloud for your business.

Platform Landing Zone Accelerator

Focused on expediting the creation of a secure, scalable cloud foundation, this service adheres to best practices for cloud platform deployments.

Identity Security

According to a recent study (expert insights 2024), 80% of organisations have experienced a cloud data breach in the past year. Phishing attacks, credential theft, and unauthorised access are major threats in Azure environments, leading to disruptions and financial losses.

Implementing a strong identity security framework is crucial, but managing Azure security can be complex. Many organisations lack the in-house expertise to navigate evolving threats and meet compliance requirements. Manual processes can also create inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. plus, Additionally, operational inefficiencies from manual processes further exacerbate security risks

Our expert-led solutions streamline and strengthen your Azure identity security. We help you to reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access, improve operational efficiency by automating security tasks, stay ahead of threats with our deep understanding of the Azure security landscape and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Secure your Azure environment today! Schedule a free consultation to learn more

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The Symbiosis of Security and Governance

Don’t gamble with security! A breach equals lost trust & big trouble. Learn security best practices in our blog: “The Symbiosis of Security and Governance.”

Database Modernisation & Migration

Is your legacy database hindering your organisations agility and innovation? Simpson Associates can help! We offer comprehensive database modernisation and migration services designed to unlock the full potential of your data.

Our team of database experts possesses in-depth knowledge of various database technologies, both on-premises and cloud-based. We can help you migrate your existing databases to a modern platform, such as Microsoft Azure SQL Database, or modernise your existing database infrastructure for improved performance, scalability, and security.

By partnering with Simpson Associates, you gain access to a proven methodology and the latest tools to streamline your database modernisation or migration. We’ll help you transform your data into a valuable asset, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth in the digital age.

Data Platform Migration

Unsure about SQL Server migration? Get a free consultation from Simpson Associates.

SQL Server Migration

Is your organisation still relying on an aging on-premises SQL Server environment? Simpson Associates can help you unlock the power of the cloud and streamline your database management with expert SQL Server migration services.

Our team of certified Microsoft professionals possesses in-depth expertise in migrating SQL Server databases to the cloud, specifically Microsoft Azure SQL Database. We understand the intricacies of the migration process and leverage industry-leading tools to minimise downtime and ensure a seamless transition.

Migrate your SQL Server to the cloud with Simpson Associates. Our experts ensure a smooth transition, boosting database performance, security, and scalability. Plus, reduce server costs and simplify management. Focus on what matters, we’ll handle the migration.

Security Standard Readiness – Cyber Essentials

Cyberattacks are a growing threat for businesses of all sizes. In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to have robust cybersecurity measures in place. That’s where Simpson Associates comes in. We can help you achieve Cyber Essentials certification, a government-backed scheme that provides a strong foundation for protecting your organisation against common cyberattacks.

Simpson Associates offers a range of Cyber Essentials certification packages to suit your specific needs. These packages include varying levels of support to guide you through the process. We’ll work with you to ensure your internet-facing assets meet the necessary security standards, minimising your risk of cyber threats.

“On average, it takes organisations 197 days to identify a breach.”

Chris Murray, Chief Information Security Officer, Simpson Associates

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The Symbiosis of Security and Governance

A breach equals lost trust & big trouble. Learn security best practices in our blog: “The Symbiosis of Security and Governance.”

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