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Simpson Associates SQL Server Migration Assessment

Streamline and modernise your data platform with our SQL Server Migration Assessment

What is the Simpson Associates SQL Server Migration Assessment?

Discover the feasibility of migrating to the Azure Cloud and identify potential migration targets within your new Azure estate. 

The SQL Server Migration Assessment is an extensive evaluation of your existing SQL Server infrastructure’s suitability for migration to the Azure Cloud.  

This assessment evaluates the feasibility of migrating to Azure, including possibilities for Virtual Machines (VM’s) and Managed Instances, sizing and pricing, and potential supportability risks.  

The result of this assessment is a comprehensive report that provides you with a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in migrating some or all of your SQL Server Estate to Azure.  

Benefits & Deliverables:

Environment Summary 

Breakdown of Operating Systems the SQL Servers sit on. This includes edition versions of the operating system and the number of servers and databases. This will help you understand where there is a risk, by outlining where there are immediately unsupported versions as well as ones that will cease to be supported in years.   

Lift and Shift to Azure VM’s Overview

We’ll provide a clear picture of your migration costs with detailed monthly estimates for lifting and shifting your Estate to Azure VMs, including both storage and non-production environments. But that’s not all. We’ll go beyond basic estimates and compare costs for different optimisation strategies.

Migration to Azure Managed Instance

Our in-depth analysis, combining hardware, workloads, and Azure data, creates a custom migration plan for your servers. We identify potential costs, analyze OS and SQL versions, flag end-of-life issues, assess patch levels, and optimize backups for RTO/RPO. We also pinpoint underutilized SQL features. This ensures a smooth, cost-effective migration to Azure Managed Instances.

Focus on business, not migration hassle

Our expertise simplifies your migration. We handle setup, data collection, and analysis, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Your personalised migration map

Get a custom roadmap for your Azure journey, pinpointing costs, versions, patches, backups, and functionality for a smooth transition.

Target your Azure Migration

Find out if migrating your SQL Servers to Azure is feasible, and pinpoint the servers that will benefit most from a move to the cloud.

Comprehensive Cost Analysis

You only pay for what you need, and we can adjust the package as your data needs evolve.

Using Hardware and Workload analysis and Azure Data Migration data we will describe which servers can be migrated to Azure Managed Instances. With Simpson Associates’ experience and expertise, we can help you to deploy services on the Azure platform quickly and easily.:

SQL Server Migration Assessment deliverables: What you get


Outline of costs for migration.  

Systems & Revisions

Operating System and SQL revisions.

Version Analysis

End of Life and near end of life version analysis.

Patch Systems

Gain an understanding of existing patch levels.

Backup Analysis

SQL Backup analysis for RTO/RPO.

Optimising SQL Functionality

Mapping SQL functionality to Azure compatibility.

Kick-off Meeting

Agreement on Roles and Responsibilities and Pre-Requisites

Setup & Configuration

Setup and configuration of Database Migration Data Gathering Toolset: Gather Migration Insights.

Usage Monitoring

How to monitor the performance of workloads by capacity

Analysis & Stats

Collection of the statistics and analysis.

Pricing Simplified

Completion of pricing assessment.


Report and playback session.


The SQL Server Migrations Assessment unlocks a smooth & cost-effective move. Personalised roadmap & clear costs. Actionable insights (compatibility, patching, backups, features) minimise risks & free your resources. Navigate Azure with confidence.

The opportunity to bring together information and data onto a single data platform is revolutionary.

Kate ThackerDetective Chief Superintendent

Simpson Associates demonstrated that they were true experts in the field; within a few weeks they had a solid understanding of our business requirements and turned around an initial solution within an astonishingly quick timescale. From delivering the budget within a tight timeframe to supporting our learning and development, Simpson Associates has allowed us to become genuinely self-sufficient, sharing their knowledge and expertise at every step of our journey.

Gillian TroupGroup Financial Controller

Simpson Associates provided us with the expertise to see us through the design and the implementation phases and potential problems that we hit and got us through those. But they also understood our needs as a charity, the components that make up our data warehouse come partly from Microsoft, partly from other companies like Civica and Simpson Associates provided the glue to help us bring those together and get the best out of them.

Jon FoxAssociate Director of IT

Simpson Associates was dedicated to matching our brief, There was healthy debate of course but they always presented reasoned responses, or accommodated our wishes when needed. It’s a very flexible relationship and the synergy we’ve built is vital to the knowledge transfer process.

Neil Spreadbury Commercial Finance Officer

Why Simpson Associates can help customers with their SQL Server databases as a Microsoft Partner

Simpson Associates is a Microsoft Partner with over 30 years of data experience. We have the expertise to help organisations get the most out of Microsoft technologies. We have the expertise and tools to empower your SQL Server migration to Azure.

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