Our Services:

  • Managed Data Services
  • Data Strategy Discovery
  • Data Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Visualisation
  • Planning, budgeting & forecasting
  • Training
  • Application Development
  • Purchase Ledger Recovery

Managed Data Services

Remove the hassle of managing your data and performance solutions with our Managed Data Services.  Our Managed Services focus on the management and performance of your data analytics, data science, planning and forecasting and database administration technologies.

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Data Strategy Discovery

Gain a competitive edge with data strategy

Your company’s data is the key to understanding, optimising and growing your business. The right strategy will enable you to keep ahead of the curve, giving your organisation that competitive edge.

We can help your organisation optimise the value of your data, by developing a data strategy to exploit it. This includes giving you a better understanding of your data and improving how your organisation acquires, stores data, manages and shares that information.

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Data Strategy

Discover the perfect solution to your data strategy needs with our complimentary Data Strategy Discovery.

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Data Management

We have a solution to get your data management right fast

Poor data could be holding your organisation back. Especially if you are looking to adopt the new wave of coming technologies, such as automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our solutions are designed to get your data management right fast. It generates applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM) to deliver information from one single trusted source; which can be hosted in the cloud or on premise.

With our team of data management consulting experts to support with swift installation, we can reduce the time taken to complete a typical project from years to months, or even weeks!

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Data Management

Find out how data management can be used to reduce your project time drastically when preparing for the new wave of technologies.

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Data Architecture

Build a solid data foundation

Getting your data foundations in place is critical to your business to the way that your business operates, especially since the rise of Big Data Analytics

We can help your organisation understand which data is collected and how it is integrated and stored, including delivering Enterprise Data Warehouses. From there we can demonstrate how our bespoke data architecture solution – available on both cloud and on-premise – can benefit your business.

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Find out how to get the most out of your data with our data management and Data Warehousing workshop.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics: Get the answers you need faster and at scale

In a world where data is growing exponentially, Data Analytics can be used to help your organisation significantly improve the understanding of your business performance. By taking your raw data and making it easier to consume, Data Analytics can help you to make better-informed decisions to ultimately grow and drive your business forward.

Regardless of which technology you choose, focused dashboards, timely reports and self-service analysis are key business drivers and metrics for all users.

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Discover how to turn your data into intelligent and valuable insights with our complimentary data analytics workshop

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Data Science

Predict probability with confidence with Data Science for Businesses

Data science for businesses, such as machine learning can empower your organisation to make faster, better, and deeper business decisions; enabling you to predict probability with confidence.

Most organisations in the UK have access to huge amounts of data, which if used effectively, can derive meaningful business insights. With Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Services your organisation has the ability to automate ever-increasing data streams, thus enabling timely insights to improve your company’s decision-making processes. The result; data-driven business decisions made through real-time learning

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Explore the art of possibility with AI, machine learning and cognitive services.

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Visual Dashboards. Tell your organisations story with data

Today’s organisations require data to flourish and grow. Visual Dashboards are the perfect solution for helping you to understand what is happening within your organisation. Using multiple sources of data, visual dashboards and reports can help you to make better and faster business decisions.

We have an extensive partner network. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we hold four Competencies in Data and BI, offering visual dashboards like Power BI. We’re also proud to be an IBM Gold partner, specialising in Cognos Analytics.

Our team of data analytics and visualisation experts can work closely with your organisation to set you up with visual dashboards that simplify complex data prep and analysis, using technologies such as Microsoft and IBM to find the best solution for your company.

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Visualisation Dashboards –
Storytelling with data. See it for yourself

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Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Align financial processes, people and the right technology

The key to success is being able to effectively plan, budget, and forecast. Many organisations still rely on spreadsheets that are tricky to use and may not meet the needs of the business.

We are experts in several technologies and can help you align your financial processes. We can enable your business to understand (one single source of truth), plan effectively, and grow your business.

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Find your perfect planning and forecasting solution with our complimentary workshop.

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Delivered virtually or in person, we have a high success rate in transferring our expertise. Our hugely experienced and accredited trainers can design, build and deliver standardised or bespoke training courses tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. We offer training courses in Microsoft and IBM technologies, delivering to data novices and experts alike, we have a training course to suit your business requirements.

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Discover how our training offering can help your organisation achieve success today!

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Application Development

Service Charge Solution for Social Housing

A customisable Service Charge Solution for Housing Associations that simplifies service charge management and enables Housing Associations to manage their Service Charges quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Ruled by unwieldy spreadsheets, your finance teams may be continually faced with the challenge of managing service charges each month. Excel-based solutions are often time-consuming, rigid, and subject to human error. Our cloud-based service charge solution provides a robust platform to manage that process.

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Data Architecture - Application Development

Tried, tested and trusted. Let us show you just how good our head start application developments are.

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Purchase Ledger Recovery

Using technology to recapture payment errors

Does your organisation use multiple ERP systems, or has it changed ERP systems in the last five years? Do you have a high staff turnover in your payables team? Has your business been involved in a Merger or Acquisition, or had instances of known supplier over payments?

If so, like many others you are at risk of having unknown erroneous duplicated payments to your suppliers.

Our Purchase Ledger Recovery enables your organisation to recover mistaken spend. Using our technology and expert knowledge, we work with your data to identify potential duplicated supplier transactions. By providing your organisation with detailed duplicate reports across a number of duplicate scenarios, we help you to recover monies that could be added to your bottom line.

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Purchase Ledger Recovery

Discover how we can help your organisation to recover lost profit, that can be added straight to your bottom line.

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What customers have to say...

"At Great Rail Journeys we have a Monday tactical trading meeting ... the MIS system has had a profound impact on that meeting... everyone is talking about the same data... the meetings are much shorter and the content is completely different becasue there used to be countless arguments around the room about what the data was really saying. That has gone. Now the only discussion is what we do about it."

Peter Liney

Great Rail Journeys, CEO