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Cameron Homes Modernises Data Strategy for Growth

Cameron Homes  .   House Builders

Delivering a Modern Data Analytics Platform using Microsoft Azure

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UK housebuilder, Cameron Homes, known for its high-quality, sustainable homes and commitment to understanding modern family needs faced limitations in their existing data infrastructure, relying heavily on manual processes and Excel reporting. This led to challenges in accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency, hindering their ability to make data-driven decisions and understanding how data is and can be used by the organisation in the future.

“Innovation is at the core of Cameron Homes, and data-driven decisions are critical to achieving it. Simpson Associates’ Data Strategy Assessment was a game-changer. It went beyond just giving us a clear picture of our data; it provided a comprehensive roadmap for unlocking its full potential. This included addressing areas like process optimisation, data governance, security, and even employee skill development. This holistic approach will empower us to make informed choices, streamline operations, and ultimately pave the way for sustainable growth.”

Guy Bebbington
Managing Director, Cameron Homes


Fueled by a need for a modern approach to data, Cameron Homes teamed up with data experts Simpson Associates. Their renowned Data Strategy Assessment provided a roadmap, not just revealing Cameron Homes’ data strengths and weaknesses, but also outlining a clear, step-by-step path to achieve their ambitious goals.


Simpson Associates conducted a comprehensive Data Strategy Assessment for Cameron Homes. The bespoke Data Strategy Assessment provided a crystal-clear roadmap tailored to Cameron Homes specific needs. Which didn’t just point them in the right direction that will help them unlock the potential of a modern data platform, robust data governance, and powerful BI capabilities.

Simpsons Associates embarked on a month-long journey with Cameron Homes, conducting a comprehensive assessment of their data analytics platform and strategising for the future. Delving into Cameron Homes unique reporting challenges to unearth the vast potential locked within their data.

The customised Modern Data Strategy Workshops delivered:

  • A comprehensive Assessment which analysed Cameron Homes’ data analytics capabilities and strategised for the future.
  • Highlighted unique reporting challenges: Uncovered hidden potential within their data to overcome specific reporting hurdles.
  • A tailored Modern Analytics Strategy: Leveraging the power of Azure infrastructure to craft a solution aligned with their needs and aspirations.

By partnering with Simpson Associates and embracing this Modern Data Strategy Workshop, Cameron Homes is well-positioned to unlock the true power of their data and achieve their data-driven goals.

Key Benefits

The implemented data strategy will yield multitude of benefits that will transform Cameron Homes’ approach to information. Automating manual processes and replacing time-consuming Excel reports with robust solutions led to significant efficiency gains, freeing up valuable resources for other strategic initiatives.

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