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Leading the data conversation: How IT can drive the case for better citizen insights white paper

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We address the impact of the current challenges that local authorities are facing, and how data can play the ultimate role in helping local authorities best serve their communities.

Whether you need help allocating precious resources or tackling the biggest issues faced by your community around the pandemic; data can play the ultimate role. We explore how IT leaders in local authorities can make the case for becoming data and insight led, overcome common objections, and secure the buy-in of peers and stakeholders for the betterment of your community.

Uncover how this can be achieved at a time when local authorities budgets and resources are under pressure.

In this white paper we discuss how to:

  • Start small and think big using scalable tools
  • Turn data into trusted and actionable insights
  • Personalise services to meet individual needs
  • Improve service design to target and safeguard vulnerable citizens
  • Deliver cost effective solutions for cash-strapped departments

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