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Custom Reporting Solutions

Unlock the hidden insights in your data with our custom reporting solutions.

Our Expertise in Custom Reporting Solutions

Unlock the potential of your data with our data visualisation and custom reporting solutions, and drive your business forward with clarity and confidence.

Our expertise ensures that your organisation can transform data into meaningful insights, driving informed decision-making and strategic growth.

Interactive Power BI dashboards bring your data to life, allowing users to explore and interact with key metrics and trends effortlessly, and when they need them.

We work closely with you to create custom reports that meet your organisational needs, ensuring that everyone has access to the data they need.

Custom reporting solutions streamline your reporting processes and reduce the time and effort required to generate and distribute reports.

All our reporting solutions are designed to scale with your business, accommodating growing data volumes and increasing complexity without compromising performance.

“I’m excited to begin our partnership with Simpson Associates and the adoption of Microsoft Power BI for our external builder customers. Simpson’s are clearly experts in the data analytics field, and I look forward to working together to deliver this important part of NHBC’s data transformation journey. Microsoft Power BI will help us land our new Data Strategy, as it’s a cost-efficient reporting platform, and the ability to be able to securely share the reports with our housebuilder partners through embedding them on a third-party portal is invaluable.” 

Diogo Pinherio
Head of Data & Analytics at NHBC

Data Analytics & Visualisation Offerings

  • Microsoft Fabric Accelerator

  • Microsoft Fabric 5 day POC

  • Power BI Assessment

  • Power BI Migration

  • Power BI Portal

Fabric Accelerator

Get started with Microsoft Fabric quickly and easily

A comprehensive package of essential activities and tasks that will help you get started with Microsoft Fabric and help you accelerate your data journey to the next phase.

Microsoft Fabric 5 Day Proof of Concept

Experience the transformative power of Microsoft Fabric first-hand

Our PoC will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Fabric’s features, capabilities, and benefits. On top of this, it will allow you to explore relevant use cases that can be delivered by this innovative solution – quickly and easily.

Power BI Assessment

Optimise your Power BI solution and get more value from your data.

Whether you’re new to Power BI or you’re looking to optimise your existing solution, Simpson Associates can help you achieve your goals. Our team of Power BI experts will assess your current Power BI environment, identify areas for improvement, and develop a roadmap for implementation.

Power BI Migration

Elevate Your Reporting Capabilities with a Seamless Transition to Power BI.

Our comprehensive Power BI Migration service provides you and your organisation with a tailored assessment of your migration path, coupled with specialist capabilities to facilitate a smooth transition.

Power BI Portal

Deliver interactive Power BI reporting to unlimited users both internally and to your external customers.

The Power Portal has a customisable and streamlined process for managing users, report access, data security and permissions, enabling you to share your Power BI reports both internally and externally.

Custom Reporting Solutions

  • 78% Increase in retention of information from visualisation
  • 24% Shorter meetings when organisations use visualisations
  • 3x Faster decision making
  • 1.7 MB of data Generated per person per second

Challenges and Solutions in Custom Reporting Solutions

We tailor solutions to meet your changing requirements as you progress through your data journey. Let us unlock the power of your data, streamlining the process to enable you make informed decisions.

We collect complex information and are often required to report on several variables at once to a variety of stakeholders. Off the shelf products are not enough for our needs.

Custom reporting solutions work with your needs to transform even the most complex of data sets into visual formats to communicate the intricate details.

We often find by the time we’ve got our data in a more digestible format the information is no longer relevant and outdated.

Facilitate quick decision making! Custom reporting solutions focus on the data that truly matters to your organisation can enable decision makers to grasp vital insights and make informed decisions!

Custom Reporting Solutions case studies

North Yorkshire Council

North Yorkshire Council

North Yorkshire Council transforms social care and empowers social workers with AI Proof-of-Concept

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Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council choose Simpson Associates to collaboratively design and deliver their Azure Synapse Modern Data Platform.

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Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure

Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure

Commissioning Alliance unlock the power of data with Microsoft Azure. Utilising the Microsoft Stack, Simpson Associates and Commissioning Alliance collaboratively delivered a Data Warehouse with Data Reporting Capabilities with Power BI.

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Essex County Council unlock the power of data with the Azure Modern Data Platform

Essex County Council unlock the power of data with the Azure Modern Data Platform

Essex County Council engaged Simpson Associates to develop a strategy for the design and delivery of a Modern Data Analytics Platform utilising Microsoft Azure.

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British Heart Foundation harness the power of Data Science to drive its mission

British Heart Foundation harness the power of Data Science to drive its mission

British Heart Foundation choose Simpson Associates as a strategic partner to harness the power of Data Science!

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