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Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator

Get started with Microsoft Fabric quickly and easily, and accelerate your data journey to the next phase

What is the Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator? 

The Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator is a comprehensive package of essential activities and tasks that will help you get started with Fabric efficiently. It includes best practice setup and configuration, as well as implementation of a data workload from source to reporting. 

The package is flexible enough to incorporate OneSecurity, governance, additional workloads, and AI Proof of Concepts. So, no matter where you are in your data journey, the Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator can help you move to the next phase faster and more efficiently. 

Benefits of using the Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator:

Who should use the Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator?

The Simpson Associates Fabric Accelerator is ideal for organisations that: 

  • Are new to Fabric and need help getting started. 

  • Have limited resources or expertise to implement Fabric. 

  • Are struggling to develop a Target Operating Model for Fabric. 

  • Want to avoid costly mistakes and ensure successful Fabric implementation. 

  • For organisations looking to start small and then scale. 

Fabric Accelerator deliverables: What you get

During the Fabric Accelerator, we will conduct a discovery workshop to assess your current data platform and develop a roadmap for enabling Fabric in your organisation. We will focus on the following foundational pillars: 




Tenant ​ 

Assess your current data platform and how to best enable Fabric for users. 

Workspace Management ​ 

Identifying the workplace structure that suits your release and operating model. 

Data Sources​ 

Analysis of data structures, readiness, and quality. 


Assess the required Admin settings and configurations


Assessing the business structure and how domain structure can best align. 

Data Modelling ​ 

What are the current ETL and data transformation workloads. 


We’ll assess cost-effective SKU sizing for your workloads. 


Investigating your security policies and requirements on your data. 

Usage Monitoring

How to monitor the performance of workloads by capacity.  

Admin & User Roles

Verifying effective licensing for your requirements and users.  

Purview Integration

Identifying how your data will be  security labelled and compliant. 


How will Fabric use cases be rolled-out to users with effective onboarding.


The Fabric Accelerator will deliver a commissioned service with a bespoke design and governance framework. We will also create an end-to-end template for a given use case, from ingestion to transformation to reporting. 

“Microsoft Fabric solves key infrastructure and data management challenges, empowering our customers to focus on solving core business problems and leverage machine learning and AI to achieve their operational and strategic goals. It’s a game changer.”

– Giles Horwood, Managing Director, Simpson Associates

Why Simpson Associates can help customers on their Fabric journey as a Microsoft Partner 

Simpson Associates is a Microsoft Partner with over 30 years of data experience. We have the expertise to help organisations get the most out of Microsoft technologies. We have a deep understanding of Microsoft Fabric and how it can be used to help organisations achieve their data goals. 


Next Steps 

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