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Deliver interactive Power BI reporting to unlimited users both internally and to your external customers.

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  • Do you need a solution that provides reporting and insights to Customers, Suppliers or Partners from one place?
  • Do you have multiple Power BI tenancies costing money and time to maintain?
  • Do you have significant expense from multiple Power BI capacities and licensing?
  • Do you have reporting governance challenges and want to create one version of the truth from a trusted single platform?

The Power BI Portal from Simpson Associates can address these challenges – an all-in-one solution that gives you the power to share interactive Power BI report dashboards seamlessly with both internal and external teams.

Impress your customers with powerful analytics within a customised web portal experience

No need for your users to have any prior knowledge of Power BI or to even have access to Power BI

Easy to configure dynamic row-level security for internal and external users

What is the Power BI Portal?

Microsoft Power BI is undoubtedly a great tool for visualising and analysing your data within your organisation. However, when it comes to sharing reports externally, the Power BI Service isn’t quite as flexible as you would probably like it to be. 

The Power BI Portal by Simpson Associates addresses this need by allowing you to share your Power BI reports both internally and externally. The Power Portal has a customisable and streamlined process for managing users, report access, data security and permissions.

Benefits & Deliverables

The Power BI Portal is an all-in-one solution that can easily be deployed into your environment and configured to fit your business needs. 

Managing users can all be handled within the Power BI Portal itself, so there is no need to invite guest users or set up an account for them within your own tenant, which can quickly become complex and messy to maintain. In fact, users do not need access to Power BI at all, or any prior knowledge of Power BI, for them to be able to consume the reports. 

You can easily use our portal to create an additional service offering for your customers, by enabling them to access powerful analytics and insights within a customised web portal experience. Alternatively, you could provide access to internal users again in a customised portal, without having to administer those users within the Power BI Service directly. 

Not only can you provide your internal or external users access to reports, but you can configure dynamic row-level security (RLS), making sure your data is being accessed securely. The portal even provides tools to help ensure your Power BI data models can apply the security you need. 

Other key features include:

  • Share Power BI reports, paginated reports, and dashboards internally and externally with customers
  • Create and manage the organisational hierarchy that fits your business and your customers 
  • Control access to Power BI content through user groups within the Portal
  • Secure your data through powerful row-level security settings
  • Automatically sync your chosen Power BI content with the portal to easily manage the content to share with your customers
  • Enable local accounts, Azure AD, Open ID Connect and SAML 2.0 authentication methods for each organisation dynamically 
  • Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on user accounts for login, providing a modern and secure access policy 
  • Apply IP restrictions for each organisation to ensure secure access to your data 
  • Provide an optional self-service model for your customers, by granting them access to manage their own organisations and sub-organisations 
  • Control the user accounts your customers can add through domain restrictions
  • Grant role-based user permissions to control access to areas within the Portal for your users 
  • Create dynamic email templates for invitational emails or more general marketing emails 
  • Generate email campaigns to bulk invite users to the Power BI Portal, or to simply email multiple users at once 

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