Nottingham Trent University


  • NTU decided to upgrade their existing planning tool, Cognos Enterprise Planning, to take advantage of the improved capabilities of IBM IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1
  • NTU wanted to integrate their planning modules and see the results of modelling changes flowing through to their plans and budgets.
  • The university wanted their users to develop the necessary skills to own the system.


  • An Integrated planning application was developed to connect course data, student data and employee data feeding into a finance model that summarises student income and costs for the university.
  • An effective skills transfer process allowed NTU to own the solution.
  • IBM Planning Analytics was implemented giving users the ability to benefit from sand-box modelling and to work in flexible ways.
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  • The integration of their planning models has enabled NTU to have a holistic view of the whole planning process.
  • Reports come directly from the planning model improving the speed of access to information and the confidence in the accuracy of that information.
  • NTU can now spend more time doing analysis and adding value rather than concentrating on data input and consolidation.
  • NTU can now model different scenarios and see the impact on proposed changes to their budgets.
Darren Moors
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