Rochdale Boroughwide Housing choose Simpson Associates to design and build a Microsoft Azure Data Platform

Simpson Associates, leading data analytics and managed data service provider, is delighted to announce that they are working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH), a unique mutual housing society owned by tenant and employee members, to design and build a Microsoft Azure Data Platform. This forms part of RBH’s Data Strategy, which will see a number of transformations take place in order to leverage the true value of their data.

Following a tender process, RBH selected Simpson Associates as their partner of choice to design and build an Azure Data Warehouse for the organisation. Simpson Associates were introduced to RBH through Phoenix Software – a long standing partner of Simpson Associates, and a trusted supplier to RBH. Combining their extensive expert technical knowledge in data driven solutions and Phoenix Software’s Microsoft technology and licensing expertise, Simpson Associates ensure that our customers make the most of their data and drive business improvements and innovations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

RBH are undertaking several significant improvement projects which have a strong reliance on good quality data and data governance. With that in mind and as part of RBH’s data strategy, one of their key objectives was to implement a data warehouse. Simpson Associates recommended a cloud solution and an Azure based proof of concept was initiated. A cost-effective solution, it is also scalable for their future requirements such as IOT and Big Data Analytics.

“It is a pleasure to be working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing on their Azure Data Platform project. One of our key values of being strategic partners fitted with how RBH wanted to work with us. Knowledge transfer was an important element to the solution, ensuring they were in a good place to continue building on the work we started.”

Nick Evans, Business Development Manager, Simpson Associates

The project began with some extensive discovery work in order to define the use case for the organisation. This included looking at critical success factors, objectives and outcomes required and then enabled a clear roadmap for the design and build of the Azure Data Warehouse.

An important element of the solution was building Power BI reports for RBH – thus enabling the true value of their data to be realised and utilised in the most effective way.

One of the key areas RBH were looking for in a partner was the ability to work in collaboration with their existing teams. It was very important to them that they were able to empower their team to build on the initial work that any partner were to implement. Simpson Associates worked closely with the key personnel involved in the project to provide skills transfer across each stage, ensuring true value was delivered to the team at RBH.

“We are delighted to be working with Simpson Associates. It was clear from the tender process that they’re experts in Data Analytics. Their proposed solution to implement an Azure Data Warehouse was the right choice for RBH and due to its scalability, enabled us to future proof our investment. I’m confident we have the right foundations in place to build on our Data Strategy.”

Kabeer Kaleem, Head of IT & BI, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

About Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates is a leading UK Data Analytics Consultancy and Managed Service Provider, specialising in data consultancy, data performance and data management. Their solutions empower forward-thinking organisations to understand and resolve some of the most complex and common challenges. In addition, they offer vast experience spanning a rich business pedigree, combined with an extensive partner network.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, they hold four Gold Competencies in Data and BI.  They are also an IBM Gold partner, specialising in Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics (TM1) and Information Governance, and an Informatica Partner. This ecosystem of technology vendor relationships equips Simpson Associates with a deeper expertise, enabling them to deliver market-leading data management and data performance solutions.

About RBH

RBH is a unique mutual housing society owned by tenant and employee members with 12,800 homes across the Rochdale area.  By working together we provide better places for our members, tenants and employees to live and work.  Drawing on the area’s rich co-operative heritage, our unique model places members at the heart of decision-making, allowing everyone to enjoy a sense of security and belonging in places we make great together.