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Our Digital Transformation Management solution for Social Housing enables you to improve the accessibility and workflow you need to capture meaningful information.

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Digital Transformation

The data shift and the new reality: every time we engage, we generate data.

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KPI Management

Simpson Associates' KPI Management for Social Housing application allows Housing Associations to monitor and control their organisational performance.

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Service Charges

The recovery of costs associated to providing services to communal areas or specified services to properties or customers, not covered by rent is is often a manual and error prone process, our cloud based service charge solution provides a robust platform to manage the end to end process of service charges.

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Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

For many organisations the process of building and maintaining budgets and forecasts and producing financial performance reporting relies on a complex and manually intensive spreadsheet process.

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Digital Transformation Icon Digital Transformation

Expanding ten-fold every five years, with an over 85 per cent increase, data is coming from both the traditional relational data warehouse and from new sources such as mobile, social, videos, sensors, devices, RFID, web
logs, advanced analytics and click streams.

Today, everybody is talking about the big data shift: the ability to use data to obtain actionable knowledge, timely insights, real-time monitoring and predictions. It’s a world of opportunities no one wants to miss
because it results in fact-based decisions and improved performance management.

Moreover, data analytics can open the way to innovations, sometimes even revolutions. For instance, the growing technology of the Internet of Things generates large amounts of valuable data, waiting to be collected and interpreted. Smart homes rely on the collection and interpretation of localised data to optimise their performances.

Simpson Associates are providing agile cloud-based solutions to Housing Associations across the country that are implementing their digital data strategies to collect, organise, distribute and analyse their rapidly growing data assets to their stakeholders – irrespective of their location. Whether employees are in the office, on the road, or whether they’re a tenant; important up-to-date information is being delivered on demand without the delays of manual data presentation.


KPI Management Icon KPI Management

Across all industries there is an increasing emphasis on the importance of data to underpin decision making and to improve the accessibility and control of data collection and analysis.

Our KPI Management for Solution Housing application is a web based application running in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure. It allows the recording of monthly and quarterly KPI information as well as the storage of actual performance data from your source applications. The user experience can be personalised to ensure that only information relevant to each person is made available to them thereby providing both efficiency and security. Since KPIs are ever changing, the solution is designed to enable data to be changed on an ongoing basis ‘in-house’ putting you in control of the data that is important to your organisation.


Service Charges Icon Service Charges

An all-encompassing data solution to automate workflow and help you better manage your data, our aim is to give you the technology needed to harness the power of your data in order to underpin decision
making across your organisation and drive efficiencies. Using our Service Charges module our solution can manage the often manual, time-consuming and error-prone process of service charges: the recovery of costs associated to providing services to communal areas or specified services to properties or customers, not covered by rent.

By allocating Service Charge Management to appropriate users across the organisation you only see what you need to, with an Automated Workflow controlling the approval process. In our module, service charges can be apportioned from any level of any hierarchy and can use any asset attribute, for example:

• Size of Asset (sq ft)
• Ownership Type
• Number of Occupants
• Number of Units

Our solution allows for easy navigation of all assets and brings information to you with the use of alerts and dashboards. We provide support for multiple and ragged property hierarchies to help you to improve data quality, keep track of aging assets, and reduce repair costs. This includes:

• Building
• Wing
• Rental Group
• Unit

Monitoring of actuals, for example actual vs budget tracking through the year, enables visibility of actuals assigned to correct expense codes. With the ability to create full reporting and analysis, you can collate tenant and estate statements as well as monitor any variance in actual to budget.

Featured Case Study: Orbit

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Icon Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

We work with many customers whose Finance teams still spend an inordinate amount of time in manual, spreadsheet-based processes – collecting, consolidating and validating data. Because of that, these finance professionals are often unable to deliver plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis in a timely fashion without working under significant time pressures. The net result of these pressures can be budgets or re-forecasts being submitted without the level of scrutiny and verification desired. Indeed, for one of our customers our work has enabled him to stop worrying and be able to sleep at night.

Our applications result in tangible process efficiencies and provide the clear line of sight to understand and to guide business performance. Reducing the manual nature of many current planning processes results in greater accuracy and time for analysis and adjustments and, in many cases, for “scenario planning” capability; all providing greater control and insight.

Featured Case Study: DC Thomson

" Simpson Associates demonstrated that they were true experts in the field; within a few weeks they had a solid understanding of our business requirements and turned around an initial solution within an astonishingly quick timescale."

Gillian Troup, Group Financial Controller
Simpson Associates Housing Associations RESOURCES

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Orbit is a leading housing provider with a portfolio of over 42,000 homes; providing high quality, good value homes to thousands of customers in the Midlands, the East and South East of England.

The Microsoft Core Data Platform for Housing Associations

Managing growing amounts of data has never been so fast, agile and secure as it is today. The Microsoft Core Data Platform combines data warehouse, BI and big data capabilities in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

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