Service Charge Management for Social Housing

A customisable Service Charge Solution for Housing Associations

Discover a Cloud based customisable service charge solution that enables Housing Associations to manage their Service Charges quicker and more effectively than ever before. Our Service Charge Solution provides a robust platform to manage Housing Associations Service Charges, thus removing the need for difficult and unwieldy spreadsheets. Freeing up time for finance teams who are continually faced with the challenge of managing service charges each month, often using Excel-based solutions that can be time-consuming, ridged, and subject to human error.

A solution that simplifies your associations Service Charge Management:

  • Allows the easy navigation of all assets
  • Integrates easily with your current Housing Management and Finance System
  • Supports multiple and ragged hierarchies (e.g. Neighbourhood, Building, Wing, Rental Group)
  • Supports apportion from any level of hierarchy and allocation to service charge managers (only see what you need)
  • Provides an automated workflow for the approval process, together with full reporting and analysis
  • It is easy to customise. Enabling your Association to adapt quickly to the current climate and your
    Association’s business requirements
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction. With quick and easy monitoring, reporting and service charge statement production to enable your Housing Association to always keep your tenants informed
  • Automated to speed up the Service Charge Process and omit the risk of human error
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