Webinar: Transforming your Service Charge Management

Discover how transforming your Service Charge Management can cut costs, free up time and eliminate human error

A solution designed specifically for Housing Associations to deliver accurate billing, better budgeting and is automated to omit the risk of human error

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How your Association can dramatically improve reliability and omit the risk of human error, by getting rid of those pesky spreadsheets once and for all
  • We will show you how our simple to use web based solution, provides an easy to navigate overview of all your assets and budgets and provides the required monthly and yearly reporting
  • Discover quick and easy monitoring, reporting and service charge statement production to improve your tenants’ satisfaction
  • Achieve greater confidence in business decision making with robust budgeting and forecasting that can easily be integrated with actuals
  • You will find out about rapid adoption via intuitive interfaces and Excel integration

Our service charges collectively account for over £16m, costs which have to be accounted for at individual property level. The service charge solution enables customers to be provided with consistent and clear information about the charges that apply to their homes

Martin Chuter, Director of Property Management


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Featured Presentor

Giles Horwood, Managing Director, Simpson Associates

Giles Horwood

Managing Director

Giles Horwood is Managing Director and co-owner of Simpson Associates, Giles has worked in data analytics for overs 19 years’ working with organisations to help them realise the value of their data and improve associated business processes.

At Simpson Associates data is in our DNA, and knowing how to leverage it in all its forms enables us to never miss the mark. That’s the power we can bring you. The power of deeper understanding, effective decision-making, and ultimately the ability to innovate and to grow –by spending less and knowing more. Simpson Associates have great expertise in helping Housing Associations realise the value of their data and understand the challenges that social housing associations face.