Nottingham Trent University unifies their planning process as they upgrade from IBM Cognos EP to IBM Cognos TM1

We release a filmed case study featuring Nottingham Trent University, highlighting the benefits they have received since developing a Unified Planning Solution using IBM Cognos TM1.

Many universities that we are working with are telling us that they need to see the impact of student numbers across many areas sooner, with integrated analytics so they can make longer term decisions quickly, and with maximum confidence.

This was particularly the case at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) who, taking advantage of an upgrade to their existing planning solution, further integrated their planning modules; connecting course data, student data and employee data feeding into a finance model that summarises income and costs for the university.

Simpson Associates have created a brief video with NTU which describes their reasons for undergoing the project as well as the benefits they have seen. To watch the video click HERE or watch at the top of the page.

“It is vital that the planning process is connected from student intake through to resource planning and financial forecasting. We have been working in this more connected way at Nottingham Trent for some time now.
Our recent investments in IBM Cognos TM1 have provided us with an integrated 5 year planning process which allows us to combine devolved and detailed bottom up budgeting and planning, with University level performance analysis. Decision making is supported by the ability to model the impact of different scenarios”

Sue Reader, Corporate Finance and Planning Manager, Nottingham Trent University

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