The University of Nottingham – Student Planning


  • The student planning process was a lengthy and labour intensive process.
  • Limitations in the existing Excel spreadsheet model meant that reconciling summary values was difficult as the calculations used to derive them were obscure.
  • The planning team spent too much time answering queries from the line of business managers.
  • Changes to plan took two days to recalculate.


  • IBM Cognos Planning tool selected integrated with IBM Cognos BI to produce reports.
  • Planning application was designed and delivered in-line with the level of detail required by the business.
  • Multi-dimensional design allowed large data sets and complex calculations that were coherent and manageable..
  • Menu driven screen design significantly simplified a hitherto complex student planning process.
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  • The four year plan is now produced in much more detail in less time. The plan now is produced in three to four hours, before it took days
  • Changes now take nearer 20 minutes to recalculate, previously it could have taken two days.
  • The planning team has more time to analyse the numbers which helps drive future planning cycles.
  • The business has more confidence in the numbers and a much more robust planning application.
Darren Moors
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