Empower your business on a platform built for financial, sales, supply chain, HR, demand planning and more. With speed, flexibility, and foresight. IBM Planning Analytics enables your business to look at granular financial and operational data at any level of detail. Empowering your business to adapt quickly in an economic environment of heightened uncertainty.

Take your financial planning one step further with the automated and easy-to-use planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis processes that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. IBM Planning Analytics features a customisable workspace and includes an option to use the Microsoft Excel interface if needed to increase adoption across your business.

Take back control of planning and processes, and enable your business and team to link key business drivers to financial KPIs, along with discovering trends whilst also delivering valuable business foresight. With a planning and analysis solution like IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1, you can:

  • Create budgets and forecasts in a timely and reliable manner.
  • Perform in-depth scenario analysis on what-ifs to test and compare assumptions for in-depth profitability and scenario planning.
  • Analyse profitability by product, customer, region, and more by building complex
  • multidimensional models.
  • Increased transparency with a clear audit trail of all changes and updates.
  • Personal Sandbox environments allow you to understand the impact of your decision – without making the commitment. Ensuring that your business is always one step ahead
  • The ability to eliminate manual and time-consuming processes with automatic insights.
  • Visualise compelling information to support the communication of financial insights,


  • Collaborate and integrate plans across Finance, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and more.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, Simpson Associates is the longest-serving IBM consultancy in the UK with the experience and expertise to help you discover, implement, and adopt the technology. Our experts are led by a team of certified accountants, who have the financial insight to understand the challenges of your finance team.