Purchase Ledger Recovery

If your organisation has recently been involved in a Merger or Acquisition, it is likely you will have duplicated supplier transactions.

Discover how we can help your organisation to recover lost profit, that can be added straight to your bottom line.

Using technology to recapture payment errors

Does your organisation use multiple ERP systems, or has it changed ERP systems in the last five years? Do you have a high staff turnover in your payables team? Has your business been involved in a Merger or Acquisition, or had instances of known supplier over payments?

If so, like many others you are at risk of having unknown erroneous duplicated payments to your suppliers.

Our Purchase Ledger Recovery enables your organisation to recover mistaken spend. Using our technology and expert knowledge, we work with your data to identify potential duplicated supplier transactions. By providing your organisation with detailed duplicate reports across a number of duplicate scenarios, we help you to recover monies that could be added to your bottom line.

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