Application Development

We've invested time, research and development into our head start application developments, so that you don't have to.

Tried, tested and trusted. Let us show you just how good our head start application developments are.

Our application developments include:

Service Charge Solution for Social Housing

A customisable Service Charge Solution for Housing Associations that simplifies service charge management and enables Housing Associations to manage their Service Charges quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Ruled by unwieldy spreadsheets, your finance teams may be continually faced with the challenge of managing service charges each month. Excel-based solutions are often time-consuming, rigid, and subject to human error. Our cloud-based service charge solution provides a robust platform to manage that process.

Easy to customise

Enabling your Association to adapt quickly to the current climate and your Association’s business requirements.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Always keep your tenants informed with quick and easy monitoring, reporting and service charge statement production.


Speeding up the Service Charge Process and omitting the risk of human error.

Easily Integrated

                        Integrates with your current Housing Management and Finance System.


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(Student Insight Engagement Retention Analytics)

An application for Universities to improve the success of their students

Higher education is increasingly under pressure to improve the success of their students. The SIERA Hub can help students achieve an academic edge, gain higher grades, improve retention, and ultimately become an employer’s top choice.

Easy to measure & monitor student performance

Uses descriptive and predictive analytics to give tutors and administrators a way to measure and monitor student performance

Monitor indications of risk

Aggregates multiple types of student data, such as attendance, VLE access, and social factors. Uses machine learning to monitor indications of risk 

Improve student satisfaction

Enables institutions to gain better insight around their students’ needs and behavior, whilst improving students’ academic experience

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