Many police forces we speak to understand the importance of maintaining call centre service levels, to ensure agents can answer calls in the time needed. An understaffed workforce can impact  on officer deployment, and their ability to quickly deal with incidents quickly.

If your force is understaffed, your service level drops. This can have a knock-on effect on non-emergency calls, which may face longer wait times due to all staff directed to emergency calls. Being able to understand what demands are being placed on your team is therefore imperative.

Simpson Associates is a full service analytics consultancy. We can enable better decision making with telephone reporting analytics technology. Our solution can help you understand what resources are available, and if they are suitable to meet the demands being placed on your team. You can also determine what skills are required at peak times, and how to avoid being overstaffed during quiet times to help minimise the risk of officers and call centre staff being over worked at another part of the day.