Achieve a flexible student number planning process that is agile, scenario-based, and responsive to the ever-changing nature of the Higher Education sector.

Simpson Associates offer Universities a flexible option for the management and future planning of student intake and educational lifecycles, both in course structure and income terms. These solutions are multi-dimensional, dynamic, driver-based models which put control and responsiveness in the hands of the University’s planning teams, schools, and faculty stakeholders, improving response times and organisational efficiency.

In regulatory terms, our student planning solution enables organisations to respond quickly to annual or ad-hoc changes required by organisations such as the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), or the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

As regulatory planning or investment assumptions change, whether at a general level, school, or even course level, this can be instantly reflected across the entire student model. Automatic feeds into revised targets and plans, deliver large savings in time and resources across finance, planning and the affected faculties.

Our team of experts can get your institution set up with a Student Number Planning Solution which can predict student headcount. This enables your Institution to report and plan for the fees generated.

Simpson Associates can work collaboratively with your institution, to understand your requirements and deliver a solution to suit your needs.