Our business productivity has been transformed by the use of Microsoft software. We no longer spend time looking for a saved document, working on the wrong document version or wading through cluttered email Inboxes.

We don’t email attachments anymore, we do respond to more business opportunities than we did and we have in-house communication forums so that we know what is happening. We don’t worry about access to information when we are on the road and we don’t travel for meetings with each other unless we choose to. Our project teams can see what is being worked on by other members of their team and it is easy for one of us to take over where another left off and we can work on a document simultaneously wherever we may be located. We have access to dashboards that tell us about how our business is performing and we can question that information in English to understand that performance better.

All of this comes from Microsoft Office 365 and we know that many of the companies that we meet have these capabilities but have yet to fully realise the potential that they offer to realise significant productivity gains for every type of business.

If increasing the productivity of your employees is an objective for you then we will be delighted to share our experience of how we did it for ourselves.