A Performance Management (PM) program includes people, skills, processes, metrics and other components, as well as technologies. As the Business Intelligence (BI) program matures, the architecture will evolve, along with the processes and skills needed to support it.

Many institutions have started to take a strategic approach to BI and PM because the individual projects that prevailed in the past have created silos of information without always giving managers the insight they need to make good decisions.

However, Universities cannot always adopt a strategic approach in one simple step; it takes time to build all the skills needed for the right BI and PM program. One way to consider this is by using a BI maturity model to identify the enterprise’s current level of maturity and the level of maturity that the enterprise’s strategic goals require.

We work with customers at all levels of BI maturity, our unique added value is to participate in a project at various levels and help institutions to ensure that within the constraints of time-scale and budget we are able to facilitate the move to the next level.

Our objective is to ensure that the components we architect and develop will provide an example of best practice at any level of the maturity model and will not need to be re-engineered as the maturity of the enterprise changes.