Key business information is increasingly required when we are outside of the office. This can be in the form of Business Intelligence: key performance dashboards showing sales performance, production performance, marketing performance; reports showing summary information; automated alerts highlighting potential pinch points emerging. Many employees are now responsible for delegated decision making and they are more mobile than ever before; be that moving around a building to meetings or travelling to other company locations or to meet suppliers and customers and we all benefit greatly from being able to access key information using the appropriate device – be that a tablet, an iPad or a smart phone.

It isn’t just Business Intelligence information that we use. The increasing use of the Cloud for transactional applications and for our ‘day job’ information – Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and communication – Skype and screen sharing – all increase the need for, and benefits of, off-site access.

We have helped many of our customers with these requirements, indeed we have transformed our own business too.