In today’s constantly changing environment, plans become redundant very quickly. Businesses must respond to changes quickly which is the only way to stay in control in an ever-changing world.

Introducing ‘FORECASTED’ a multi-dimensional solution with a self-serving video based training programme. Hosted by Simpson Associates, there’s no need for hardware or in-house servers, you’ll always be up to date with the latest technology upgrades. Use FORECASTED to create integrated profit and loss information, cash flow and balance sheets, specifically suited to your business. Create a new forecast based on your actuals or a previous forecast or budget, quickly make changes using a bottom-up or top-down approach and see your new forecast ready within minutes not days.

With all your information in one place, you can analyse your business’s past performance, create new forecasts, and monitor your future performance as often as you need. With many standard reports already set up for you to use and the ability to set up new reports and dashboards as required, FORECASTED will keep your business in control.

Forecasts should be easy to create and easy to explain. FORECASTED uses multiple graphics and dashboards so that you can understand and explain your forecasts better. Use waterfall graphs to show how you built your new forecasts, drill down into more detail from anywhere and see who is responsible for each part of the forecast. With access to a full audit trail, you will always know who entered what.