Simpson Associates has worked with many organisations, whose reporting relied on a complex and manually intensive spreadsheet processes. All of which spent ridiculous amounts of time maintaining manual spreadsheet-based processes, collecting, consolidating, and validating data. This often left expensive finance professionals unable to deliver plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis due to a lack of time. The result: forecasts submitted without the required level of scrutiny and verification.

We have been able to demonstrate process efficiencies and provide a clear line of sight, to understand and guide business performance for many of our customers. Reducing the manual nature of many current planning processes results in greater accuracy and more time for analysis. And in many cases, for “scenario planning” capability; all providing greater control and insight.

By helping many organisations drive decision-making processes across the entire business, we have enabled Finance Teams to easily create unified analysis, planning, forecasting and simulation models – with minimal IT support.