For many organisations the process of building and maintaining budgets and forecasts and producing financial performance reporting relies on a complex and manually intensive spreadsheet process.

We work with many customers whose Finance teams still spend more time than they want to maintaining manual spreadsheet-based processes – collecting, consolidating and validating data. Because of that, these finance professionals are often unable to deliver plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis in a timely fashion. The net result can be budgets or re-forecasts being submitted without the level of scrutiny and verification desired. Indeed, for one of our customers our work has enabled him to stop worrying and to be able to sleep at night.

Our applications result in demonstrable process efficiencies and provide the clear line of sight to understand and to guide business performance. Reducing the manual nature of many current planning processes results in greater accuracy and time for analysis and adjustments and, in many cases, for “scenario planning” capability; all providing greater control and insight