We build enterprise data warehouses for many of our customers to provide a single window on their business management information and key performance indicators that are used by them as their trusted foundation for business decision making. The emergence of larger, higher velocity and perhaps more unstructured data sources from the Internet or from the Internet of Things has meant that our customers are also engaging us to deliver an extended logical data warehouse architecture to support the data analytics software that is now emerging. The end result is that organisations may have the benefit of a centralised data repository but can also have an architecture that allows for agile discovery and analysis work to test a new idea, assimilate new data sources or perform a new analysis.

This combination of enterprise and logical data warehouse architectures and the increasingly sophisticated analytical and machine intelligence software becoming available is giving organisations an ‘analytical workspace’ with the emphasis leaning more to discovery and analysis and less to data harmonisation and organisation – producing the speed of delivery and speed of deployment that our customers need.

We can provide solutions on- or off-premise and may recommend an appliance approach to reduce the time to delivery and a lower total cost of ownership.