Today’s Housebuilders are collecting huge amounts of data from numerous sources including traditional statistics, homeowner satisfaction surveys, land buying data, financials and costs, clickstreams, social media, and many more.

We can harness that data by building an enterprise data warehouse, that provides a single window for your business management information. Together with your key performance indicators, this can then be used by you and your organisation as a trusted and secure foundation for business decision making.

The emergence of larger, higher velocity and perhaps more unstructured data sources from the Internet or the Internet of Things is creating new demand from our customers. We’re being engaged to deliver an extended logical Data Warehouse architecture to support the data analytics software that is now emerging. The result is that these organisations will have the benefit of a centralised data repository, as well as an architecture that allows for agile discovery and analysis work to test new ideas, assimilate new data sources, and perform new analysis.

Our expert team of Data Analytic Consultants can guide Housebuilders through the process, ensuring that we use the best technology to deliver a solution that suits your organisation.