If your organisation is lacking a centralised and joined up approach to data, Informatica’s data integration products guarantee high performance, dependability and connectivity.

Informatica’s data integration products bring all of your data and applications together in one place. Whether your data is multi-cloud or on-premises, we can help integrate your data applications and data sources. With real-time access can save you time, improve processes and empower your team to work collaboratively. Enhancing your organisation’s success, whether it be in manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, healthcare and more.

At Simpson Associates, data is in our DNA and knowing how to leverage it in all its forms enables us to never miss the mark. From MDM to business intelligence solutions and our expansive experience spanning a rich business pedigree. We’re part of an ecosystem of technology vendor relationships that equips us to deliver the best solutions to meet your individual business needs.

Get more from your data, drive revenue, and gain the confidence needed for more effective decision-making


If you have any questions about Informatica’s technology or Simpson Associates, please feel free to speak to us using our live chat, where one of our experts will be happy to speak with you in more detail.