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Take financial planning one step further and empower your business with the speed, flexibility, and foresight of IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1. With the volatility of today’s economic environment, this solution offers planning, budgeting, and forecasting process support to help your team better prepare for the future ahead. 

IBM Planning Analytics is the most recent release of planning and analytics software, built as an easy-to-use solution for both finance, and non-finance users alike.  Planning, budgeting, and forecasting has never been easier with the option of cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment to help you and your team unleash the potential of your business. 

Uncover unrealised process efficiency within your organisation with a fast and flexible planning analytics solution. Streamline operations with simple automation of manual tasks, and self-service analytics which allow you to pull new and valuable insights directly from your data to plan ahead for your business. With IBM Planning Analytics, you can:

  • Streamline business with automated plans, analyses, and reports to improve process speeds and efficiency across Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, HR and more;
  • Remain agile by adapting plans and analyses, acquiring insights in real-time to address changing business conditions, and aligning financial plans with business objectives; even when faced with data complexity;
  • Make analytics available to your whole team with a modern and easy-to-use interface and allow them to bolster business foresight with access to explore and visualise data and anticipate the future. 

Make accurate assumptions based on the future, using IBM’s ‘what if’ scenario planning to help your business identify specific uncertainties and use different realities. Using a private sand-box environment you can test as many options as you need to improve your business foresight.

Avoid wasted hours on complex Excel spreadsheets, and break free of the constraints of the outdated planning and analytics tools of the past. IBM Planning Analytics brings back time lost and allows you and your team to analyse and plan intelligently. Create easy-to-read reports that offer a view of insights related to profitability, which allow you to make business and financial decisions with greater speed, greater flexibility, and greater foresight. 

As one of the longest serving IBM Consultancies in the UK, Simpson Associates has the experience and expertise needed to help your business discover, implement, and adopt this technology. With our IBM Gold Partner status and our team of certified accountants, we have the financial insight to implement your new planning and analytics solution. 

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