Supporting Kitchen for Everyone York this Christmas

This quarter Simpson Associates are donating to Kitchen for Everyone York (KEY) – a registered charity providing meals to the homeless and vulnerable of York.

Their mission is to help and support individuals who find themselves homeless in the York area by providing hearty & nutritional meals, clothing, toiletries, sleeping bags, snacks and any other essential items they may require.

A charity we supported last Christmas, we wanted to continue our support to them this year. After an incredibly difficult year for the organisation, they have been unable to run their usual services, and so have adapted to continue to be able to offer food out to the community to help tackle food poverty. KEY have been funding the community foodbanks with deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables since the beginning of the first lockdown. This put a huge strain on their funds, and so they continue to work hard fundraising and applying for grants.

KEY also continue to look after the homeless, and those in temporary accommodation – delivering food parcels and food vouchers for local takeaways.

We are so grateful to KEY for all the work they do for the homeless and vulnerable in York.

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