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Police Forces

We help shape the future of how UK police forces harness their data, offering secure and cost-effective data solutions.

Our Expertise in the Police Sector

Currently, UK Police forces are battling a rise in violent crime, budget cuts, time restraints, the threat of recession and varied team experience levels.  

Surrounded by these challenges, forces face the critical responsibility of safeguarding some of the nation’s most sensitive data. The vast data sets, containing highly personal information, require robust security measures to prevent breaches and ensure public trust.

UK police forces must fully adapt to the profound and continuing shifts in patterns of crime while simultaneously ensuring their technology is secure and up-to-date. This is where Simpson Associates comes in.

We have worked with over 60% of UK forces and understand the importance of efficient data management. We go beyond mere data interpretation; with over 3 decades of data experience, we empower police forces with incident crime reporting, dynamic crime mapping, demand forecasting, and AI-powered redaction and more.

Simpson Associates empower UK police forces to leverage data as a powerful weapon against crime.

“One of our key objectives of working with a data partner like Simpson Associates was to ensure there was a good level of knowledge transfer to take ownership of the solution at the end of the project. Simpson Associates expertise within data analytics space, together with their wealth of experience within the Police sector, enabled us to achieve our goal of becoming self-sufficient and more importantly gain reliable and trustworthy insight from our data.”

Paul Gibson
Assistant Chief Constable at Derbyshire Constabulary

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Police Data

  • £15.8 Billion Government funding for police forces in England and Wales totalled £15.8 billion in 2020/2021, which increased by £433 million from the year before.
  • 5.6 Million In the year ending March 2021, there were approximately 5.6 million crimes recorded in England and Wales.
  • 2.1 Million Out of 5.6 million crimes, 2.1 million of them consist of modern crime – cybercrime and fraud.
  • 1/4 ¼ of all police officers in England and Wales now have less than five years’ service, and one in 10 is in their first year in the job. 
  • 64% HMICRFS’s PEEL 2021/2022 inspections showed that only 36% of forces were ranked good or better. The other 64% was below average.  

Challenges and Solutions in the Police Sector

Every police service is unique, both in their challenges and in their data systems. But they are all trying to reach the same goal of boosting efficiency and putting a stop to crime.

Despite a number of obstacles standing in police forces way, we have curated a number of solutions, designed to fit every force and tackle their particular focus.

Our force collects and stores information, but it is stored in disparate systems that don’t communicate well. This effects our information sharing process and collaboration between different departments and forces. How can we join up our data stores?

Creating a single view allows your data sources to talk to each other, ultimately streamlining your forces daily processes. Our Data Analytics Accelerator for Policing ensures quality analytics and enables speedy data sharing with other forces. This will work wonders for your force.

As our team is always busy, it is often difficult to know where resources should go and how to implement them at the right times. Is there a data-driven approach that can help our IT department mitigate instances of wasted resources?

Start by collating your data to ensure predictions are accurate and provide a fresh perspective. Partnering with forces, we’ve created a Demand Forecasting for Policing solution, designed to give you all that while allowing for growth with every new case that’s investigated.

As timing is crucial, we are looking for a way to speed up our processes, while ensuring maximum security. As redacting documents is a massive part of our day-to-day, is there a way we could streamline redacting personally identifiable information?

Regular audits maintain protocol compliance and training personnel to use common document templates can expedite the process. Yet, to secure maximum efficiency, you need our AI-powered auto-redaction tool, RedactXpert: it can save your team hours per document!

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with your force in mind. These include our flexible Data Analytics Accelerator for Policing, our comprehensive Demand Forecasting Solution and our AI-powered RedactXpert solution.

  • Solutions

  • Technologies

Data Analytics Accelerator for Policing

Harnessing the full potential of your data can be a challenge. That’s why we have developed the Data Analytics Accelerator for Policing – a packaged solution to accelerates your adoption of analytics. Get started quickly with pre-configured tools and workflows. Plus, we leverage our industry-leading practices to your data is safe.  

Demand Forecasting for Policing

Does your force rely on experienced employees to make judgement-based decisions regarding demand? With our Demand Forecasting solution and your data, you’ll step into the realm of predictive analytics, allowing for proactive policing to pre-emptively address potential crimes. 


RedactXpert is an AI-powered auto-redaction tool is perfect for your force. It’s powered by Microsoft Azure and uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to automatically find and redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Save your force time with RedactXpert. 

Policing Managed DBA Service – for SQL Server

Managing databases can be complex and time consuming. That’s why we have created a solution that provides your force with a cost-effective, scalable and efficient approach to managing your databases. 

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available as an Essentials or Premium package, focuses on how a data strategy and data platform can enable your force to reach your goals. We look at where you are now on your data journey, where you want to be, and most importantly, provide you with a personalised roadmap to get you there.  

AI Assessment

Our AI Assessment provides a clear roadmap for integrating the power of AI into your operations. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of how Artificial Intelligence can transform your force, through specific ways AI can drive efficiency and optimise operations. This assessment provides expert guidance that ensures you implement AI solutions that propel your force’s success and keep your community safe. 

Data Quality Management

Poor data is holding many police forces back. Our solution gets your data into the right shape, fast. It does this by generating applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management to deliver information from one source that can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a diverse suite of tools and technologies tailored to handle critical tasks such as data storage, processing, analytics, and visualization.

Azure’s scalability ensures seamless adaptation to the evolving demands of policing, effortlessly accommodating growing data volumes while upholding performance and reliability standards. Integration with other Microsoft products fosters seamless workflows and collaboration, enabling police teams to leverage the full spectrum of Azure’s capabilities in their mission to ensure public safety.


Databricks equips police teams with a toolset for managing data initiatives, facilitating streamlined data processing, analytics, and predictive modeling.

Leveraging Databricks’ scalable architecture and cutting-edge analytical tools, police forces can extract actionable intelligence to optimize operations and inform strategic decision-making, fostering a culture of efficiency and accountability within the force.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI in policing offers intuitive data visualisation, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the interpretation of complex data, facilitating effective communication of insights.

With seamless integration with multiple data sources, Power BI empowers police forces to consolidate and analyse data from various origins, providing clear actionable insights for informed decision-making and resource allocation.

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