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Financial Service Institutions

We help financial services institutions (FSIs) unlock the power of their data utilising secure technology that puts their needs first.

Our Expertise in Financial Services Institutions (FSIs)

FSIs across the UK are constantly having to adapt and respond to ever-changing regulations, while still safeguarding against cyber-attacks and potential fraud. Combined with the pressures of accelerated modernisation, and vast amounts of highly sensitive information, managing and maintaining the right data environment is increasingly difficult.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with experience in Data, AI and Platform solutions, we’ve been providing financial planning solutions for over 25 years, and are well equipped to help FSIs overcome these challenges.

Our approach uses a hybrid cloud model which offers a non-linear path to modernisation, balancing control with speed of results. Coupling this with a data platform provides a unique solution that ensures the interoperability, agility and security necessary for FSIs and their highly sensitive data.

Implementing a hybrid cloud model allows FSIs to continue to harness the value of their existing data systems – from on-prem ERP, niche cloud assets, and external data sets – while gaining the power of Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.

From data hosting to data curation, our experts can ensure FSIs are driving innovation and improving decision-making, catapulting them towards the transformative power of AI with us as a trusted guide.

“We need to have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the individual business streams so we know with confidence that everything is running well. We have to be able to demonstrate this to our trustees. The information is now there for us to be able to do that.”

David Teasdale
Finance Director, Railpen

Financial Services Specific Data

  • 70% As of 2022, nearly 70% of UK financial institutions had integrated cloud solutions into their operations.
  • 36% of FSI Executives have successfully utilised AI to reduce operational costs by around 10% highlighting its impact on financial efficiency.
  • 78% of financial services organisations have experienced a security breach. 
  • 69% of FSI leaders claim that digitalisation modernisation initiatives are accelerating, and expected to transform the industry by 2026.
  • ~80% of the EMEA population believe that insurance companies should promote sustainable behaviors within their products, demonstrating ethical leadership.

Challenges and Solutions in Financial Service Institutions

Every FSIs data challenges are unique, which is why their data solutions need to be too.

Combining on-premises and cloud solutions ensures seamless data integration, while advanced analytics and AI automate processes and generate predictive insights. This approach empowers teams to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.

Our firm needs to harness data and AI to provide our data consumers with clear and reliable insights. Will our team be able to access the data they need, to make situational decisions at the point of impact, and with confidence?

Microsoft Fabric offers a robust solution for financial services to analyse customer data, transaction data, and market data. Fabric serves as an umbrella data platform, empowering users through a powerful suite of tools for real-time analytics, that ultimately enhance investment decisions and manage risks effectively.

Our regulations are constantly changing due to the advancement of technology, new rules have been put in place. Will your team be able to implement technology that can grow and adapt based on these regulations?

One of the benefits of a hybrid cloud model is the flexibility. This allows our team to efficiently modify your infrastructure and applications to meet new regulatory requirements with little disruption. We would also maintain close communication to ensure we are always putting your data needs first.

There is a constant threat of cybercrime in our sector, due to the volume of sensitive information we hold.  Are your solutions advanced enough to evolve with these threats?

We understand the need for data security is paramount, which is why, to ensure maximum protection, we would suggest a hybrid cloud model. This ensures you are still able to use valuable, pre-exisiting data systems alongside modern technology that is made with data security at its core.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of solutions and services that have been created with your FSI in mind. These include: Fabric Accelerator and 5-day Proof of Concept, AI Assessment and our range of Power BI solutions.

  • Solutions

  • Technologies

Fabric Accelerator

Get started with Microsoft Fabric quickly and easily, and accelerate your financial service’s data journey to the next phase.

It includes best practice setup and configuration, as well as implementation of a data workload from source to reporting. The package is also flexible enough to incorporate OneSecurity, governance, additional workloads, and AI Proof of Concepts.

Fabric 5-day Proof of Concept (PoC)

Our PoC will provide your firm with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Fabric’s features, capabilities, and benefits, giving you the option to choose between report-based or AI-powered use cases.

AI Assessment

Our AI Assessment allows you to harness the power of AI. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of how Artificial Intelligence can transform your ambulance service, through specific ways AI can drive efficiency and optimise operations. This assessment provides expert guidance to propel your financial service’s success. 

Modern Data Analytics Assessment

Our Modern Data Analytics Assessment, available as an Essentials or Premium package, focuses on how a data strategy and data platform can enable your firm to reach its business goals. We look at where you are now on your data journey, where you want to be, and most importantly, a roadmap to get you there.

Capability as a Service (CaaS)

Our CaaS offerings provide your firm with flexible access to expert resource without the overheads of fixed costs that full-time hiring. Our CaaS offerings provide the capability you need, when you need it, across key data and analytics roles, ranging from Engineer, Application Developer, Data Scientist and right through to Chief Data Officer (CDO), to ensure your team drive the strategy.

Gen AI

Gen AI has the power to flip your financial service’s data function and increase your efficiency. Our Custom Chat GBT solution starts your journey into AI from no existing capability to instant business value. Going through our process, your firm will own a AI front door that is enriching, expandable and extendible.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric offers financial service firms a robust platform for data integration, analytics, and AI. It enhances decision-making through real-time insights, supports regulatory compliance with secure data management, and drives innovation with advanced machine learning models.

The unified environment streamlines operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in delivering personalised financial services.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a powerful tool for FSIs, offering advanced analytics and data visualisation capabilities. It enables the opportunity to aggregate and analyse large datasets, track key performance indicators, and create interactive dashboards. This aids in risk management, regulatory compliance, and strategic decision-making.

By leveraging real-time data insights, financial services can enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive better investment decisions.

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