Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting for Social Housing

Simpson Associates budgeting and forecasting solution enables a clear and efficient process for capturing and reporting budget and forecast data.

Simpson Associates are working closely with Housing Associations to provide a robust platform for key Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting initiatives.

Our solution enables clear visibility across your entire financial landscape, together with agile scenario planning and accurate reporting at your fingertips. You and your staff will gain greater capacity to analyse your data. The result will be a more productive organisation, enabling better business decisions, leading to lower costs and better services.

Accurate and Efficient

  • Replace existing processes with a scalable database solution
  • Reduce the time spent by skilled staff completing admin tasks
  • A Finance controlled budget process

Make better business decisions

  • ‘What If’ Scenario Planning
  • Facilitate user analysis via improved system efficiency and drill-down capabilities
  • Spend more time doing analysis and adding value rather than concentrating on data input and consolidation
  • Potential headcount savings and a faster end-to-end budgeting process

Best of Breed

  • Proven IBM technology
  • In-Memory Database
  • Available in the Cloud or On Premise