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Azure DevOps Training

DevOps delivers value to your users, faster. It is a set of practices that combines people, processes, and products to continuously deliver value to your users. Azure DevOps from Microsoft provides tools you need to accomplish this. Using Azure DevOps, you can build, test, and deploy any application to the cloud or on-premises.  

With Azure DevOps, organisations can streamline and automate software development, improve collaboration among development and operations teams, and deliver high-quality software more quickly and efficiently. 

Master Azure DevOps with our comprehensive Training Course  

Our Azure DevOps training is designed to teach you the tools you need to fully support and deliver projects using DevOps. You will learn how to use Repos/Git, Boards, Wikis, and Deployment Pipelines to streamline your development processes. 

This training gives a ground-up approach with using the features of DevOps on a project and building an understanding of what other tools can be used within your projects. 

Azure DevOps is a new tool for many of our customers, and it can be difficult to find time to learn how to use it effectively during the project delivery. Our training course can help you get up to speed quickly and give you the ability to build and deliver high-quality solutions from scratch. 

Training Overview 


One day


Delivered virtually or in-person

All courses are for up to 6 delegates and can be delivered either virtually or in-person, including manual, demos and exercises. 

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