Power BI Tenant Migration

Optimise your Power BI environment with a smooth transition to a single Power BI tenancy.

Streamline your reporting and gain personalised support by migrating to a Power BI central tenancy, with Simpson Associates.

Are you currently using multiple tenants across your Power BI environment?

Would you like to unify your data landscape by migrating to a centralised tenant?

Whether you’re facing data silos due to organisational acquisitions, mergers, or combined services,  Simpson Associates have a one-stop solution.

We have created a simple and speedy migration process that caters to your specific data needs. This ensures a smooth transition and empowers your team by providing them with an efficient data system.

What is the Power BI Tenant Migration?

Our comprehensive Power BI Tenant Migration Service provides you with an assessment of what your migration path would like look like and the specialist capabilities to facilitate your transition.  

To ensure your transition aligns with your unique data landscape and organisational goals, we’ve created a process that is split into an assessment and migration.

The Assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment that will evaluate data sources, data quality, reports, reporting model and goals, migration priorities and critical outcomes to ensure an effortless transition. 
  • Create a plan to manage your Power BI governance and security requirements.
  • Playback of findings for migration roadmap and recommendations with clear rationale.

And the Tenant Migration encompasses: 

  • The target tenant setup with workspace governance setup to enable the correct reporting target model aligned with the business departmental structure. 
  • Optimisation of reporting to avoid duplicate reporting and any development needed to meet the adapting needs of your organisation. 
  • Unveiling opportunities to use advanced analytics that Power BI can offer through the Azure cloud platform. 

Building upon this foundation, we can also support the maintenance of Power BI. Plus, we can offer additional Power BI training to help drive end-user adoption. 

How will Power BI Tenant Migration help me?

Discover the benefits of choosing Simpson Associates to streamline your Power BI Tenant Migration and ensure a stress-free migration:

Personalised approach

Our team will work with you to develop your own migration roadmap to ensure the transition covers exactly what you need while maintaining clear direction.

Trusted partner

We guarantee the seamless preservation of your reporting business needs throughout the migration, ensuring a transparent handover of the target tenant setup, complete with comprehensive documentation.

Power BI expertise

We’ll expertly guide you through the intricacies of licensing and migration, ensuring a frictionless transition that empowers your Power BI journey.

An optimised Power BI solution

We will deliver a Power BI Tenant Migration that follows all industry best practices approaches, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the reporting estate. 

Tailored support for unique challenges

Whether it’s consolidating multiple tenant setups or streamlining report migrations across tenancies, our team is here to tackle your specific needs head-on.

Choosing the right Power BI Migration approach

We offer two Power BI migration services: Power BI Migration and Power BI Tenant migration. Which services is right for your business depends on your organisations current Power BI Adoption stage:

Both services have been developed with you in mind, catering for your specific needs. If you are not yet at the stage for Tenant Migration, be sure to check out our Power BI Migration service which is the perfect starting point for your data-driven journey.

Why Simpson Associates?

Across our over 30 years of data experience, Simpson Associates have successfully completed numerous Power BI migrations across to single tenancy, all with specific Power BI needs.

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner with the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialisation, as well as Solutions Partner designations in Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), and Infrastructure (Azure). This deep partnership with Microsoft gives us access to the latest technologies and expertise, which we use to help our customers achieve their organisational goals. 

We are also a Databricks partner and an IBM Gold Partner, specialising in Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics (TM1). This ecosystem of technology vendor relationships equips us with a unique breadth of expertise, enabling us to deliver the best solutions to meet your individual business needs. 

Next Steps

Our team of dedicated Power BI experts are eager to collaborate with you on enhancing your data journey and unlocking the full potential of Power BI. 

To learn more about our Power BI Tenant Migration service, book a personalised consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.

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