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Simpson Associates Power BI Tenant Migration

Optimise your Power BI environment with a smooth transition to a single Power BI tenancy.

What is the Simpson Associates Power BI Tenant Migration?

Whether you’re facing data silos due to organisational acquisitions, mergers, or combined services,  Simpson Associates have a one-stop solution.

We have created a simple and speedy migration process that caters to your specific data needs. This ensures a smooth transition and empowers your team by providing them with an efficient data system.

Our comprehensive Power BI Tenant Migration Service provides you with an assessment of what your migration path would like look like and the specialist capabilities to facilitate your transition.  

To ensure your transition aligns with your unique data landscape and organisational goals, we’ve created a process that is split into an assessment and migration.

After completing both of these, we can also support the maintenance of Power BI as well as additional Power BI training to help drive end-user adoption. 

Benefits of using the Simpson Associates Power BI Tenant Migration:

Personalised approach: Our team will work with you to develop your own migration roadmap to ensure the transition covers exactly what you need while maintaining clear direction.

Trusted partner: We guarantee the seamless preservation of your reporting business needs throughout the migration, ensuring a transparent handover of the target tenant setup, complete with comprehensive documentation.

Power BI expertise: We’ll expertly guide you through the intricacies of licensing and migration, ensuring a frictionless transition that empowers your Power BI journey.

An optimised Power BI solution: We will deliver a Power BI Tenant Migration that follows all industry best practices approaches, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the reporting estate. 

Tailored support for unique challenges: Whether it’s consolidating multiple tenant setups or streamlining report migrations across tenancies, our team is here to tackle your specific needs head-on.

Choosing the right Power BI Migration approach

We offer two Power BI migration services: Power BI Migration and Power BI Tenant migration. Which services is right for your business depends on your organisations current Power BI Adoption stage:

New to Power BI: 

If you’re new to power BI and seeking a move from another visualisation provider, the Power BI Migration is the ideal choice. It offers a seamless transition to the world of Power BI.

Existing Power BI users: 

The Power BI Tenant Migration is for existing Power BI users, who want to lower their tenant users from multiple to one, unified tenant.

Both services have been developed with you in mind, catering for your specific needs. If you are not yet at the stage for Tenant Migration, be sure to check out our Power BI Migration service which is the perfect starting point for your data-driven journey.

During the Power BI Tenant Migration, we run through two stages to ensure you and your Power BI environment is fit for purpose. We run an Assessment and a Tenant Migration to ensure

Power BI Tenant Migration key features: What you get

Power BI Assessment

A comprehensive assessment that will evaluate data sources, data quality, reports, reporting model and goals, migration priorities and critical outcomes to ensure an effortless transition. 

Create a plan to manage your Power BI governance and security requirements.

Playback of findings for migration roadmap and recommendations with clear rationale.

Tenant Migration

The target tenant setup with workspace governance setup to enable the correct reporting target model aligned with the business departmental structure. 

Optimisation of reporting to avoid duplicate reporting and any development needed to meet the adapting needs of your organisation. 

Unveiling opportunities to use advanced analytics that Power BI can offer through the Azure cloud platform. 


Do you want to streamline your Power BI environment? We have developed a seamless transition to a centralised tenancy that would be perfect for you.

The opportunity to bring together information and data onto a single data platform is revolutionary.

Kate ThackerDetective Chief Superintendent

Simpson Associates demonstrated that they were true experts in the field; within a few weeks they had a solid understanding of our business requirements and turned around an initial solution within an astonishingly quick timescale. From delivering the budget within a tight timeframe to supporting our learning and development, Simpson Associates has allowed us to become genuinely self-sufficient, sharing their knowledge and expertise at every step of our journey.

Gillian TroupGroup Financial Controller

Simpson Associates provided us with the expertise to see us through the design and the implementation phases and potential problems that we hit and got us through those. But they also understood our needs as a charity, the components that make up our data warehouse come partly from Microsoft, partly from other companies like Civica and Simpson Associates provided the glue to help us bring those together and get the best out of them.

Jon FoxAssociate Director of IT

Simpson Associates was dedicated to matching our brief, There was healthy debate of course but they always presented reasoned responses, or accommodated our wishes when needed. It’s a very flexible relationship and the synergy we’ve built is vital to the knowledge transfer process.

Neil Spreadbury Commercial Finance Officer

Why Simpson Associates can help customers on their Power BI journey as a Microsoft Partner

Simpson Associates is a Microsoft Partner with over 30 years of data experience. We have the expertise to help organisations get the most out of Microsoft technologies. We have a deep understanding of Microsoft Power BI and how it can be used to help organisations achieve their data goals.

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