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Benefit from challenging new insights and get ahead of the curve in the sector which your business operates in.

We understand that getting started with Azure Machine Learning and Data Science technologies can sometimes be daunting. But once implemented Microsoft Azure technologies, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, Azure search, and Azure Cognitive services will change the way that you see and think about the business world you operate in. Benefit from reduced workloads, multidimensional data handling and deep learning models to gain real life actionable and connected market insights, data driven decision making – the possibilities are endless.

Choose Simpson Associates for your data science needs and benefit from a data science offering that is built upon and compliments our wealth of cloud, business intelligence and data engineering expertise; meaning we can integrate and deploy data science solutions better than most. Coupled with our decades of analytics consulting with a diverse client base data science experience and expertise, we can build packaged and customised data science solutions that fit perfectly into your organisation.

For businesses that don’t have the time, the skills, or the resources to manage their data science solutions internally, we can provide a customisable Managed Data Science Services offering and can provide a knowledge transfer service on request.

With Azure Data Science and Machine Learning technologies the possibilities are endless

Generate insights and optimise processes

Statistical analysis to understand correlations and trends. Use process mining to realise organisational performance and bottlenecks to optimise organisational success. 

Planning and decision making

Predict the future and understand and plan for expected outcomes using time series forecasting and statistical simulation.

Sensors and the Internet of Things

Connected devices and sensor technologies can create incredible analytics possibilities in manufacturing, agriculture, and infrastructure applications.

Machine Learning Products

Leverage Azure cognitive services to deploy off-the-shelf AI solutions in web apps and Power BI. Our Machine Learning products can be customised to fit your data requirements .

Retail Analytics

Understand and communicate with your customers better through data science tools such as churn models, recency-frequency-monetary value analysis, customer segmentation, and attribution modeling.  

Blue lights Analytics

Serve your community effectively using data driven policy interventions. Through Data science tools such as churn models, recency-frequency-monetary value analysis, citizen segmentation, and attribution modelling.

Tried, tested and trusted. Uncover our range of Accelerators to get your business started on your data science journey today

Data Science Accelerator

Kickstart your data science journey with our ready to use data science accelerator. Our customisable accelerators will get your business up and running quickly to ignite rapid digital transformation and innovation.

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Proof of Value (POV)

Simpson Associates Proof of Value is an essential step in your data science project that will save your business considerable time in the long run. Our POV will demonstrate that your objectives are achievable and will address the challenges that your organisation is facing.

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Five benefits of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Data Science Services

  1. Simpson Associates can deploy learning models for your business quickly and at scale.
  2. Feel safe in the the knowledge that you can run your machine learning workloads in a governed, compliant, and secure platform.
  3. Scale up or down and do it quickly: Because Azure applications are cloud based. It enables you to scale your applications up or down quickly, without risk of downtime or sluggish performance.
  4. Only pay for what you use. Azure’s “pay for what you use” model reduces your business costs – only ever pay for the usage that you need.
  5. Azure enables autonomous and constant data syncing, meaning you always have access to the most up to date analytics, so you can make those decision quickly.

The sky is the limit with Machine Learning and Data Science

When it comes to AI and Machine learning, the sky really is the limit. We work with many sectors, including the private and the public sector. Simpson Associates can help with first time adoption, right through to AI and expansion. We steer the organisation that we work with, navigating any development risks or pitfalls.

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