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Maintaining your Data Science function so you can focus on running your business.

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Remove the strain and the cost associated with building in-house teams and departments to manage your AI and Machine Learning solutions with Managed Data Science Services from Simpson Associates.

No matter the size of your organisation, we can manage your Data Science solutions for you, ensuring that they are top performing, so your solution can be used to derive insights that can be used for effective decision making, enabling growth and reducing business costs

Leave the management of your Data Science solutions to our experts, so you can focus on your organisation.

Why choose a Data Science Managed Service from Simpson Associates?


Benefit from Data Science, Machine Learning and AI offerings without the fuss of building your own team out.
We can take care of all aspects of the service from performance, reliability, accuracy and governance.
Scale with ease – If you are an organisation that is looking to grow and evolve it is imperative that you are able to scale quickly and easily.
Data Scientists are expensive – our Managed Service offering in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning will give you access to our highly skilled Data Scientists, leading to potential time and cost savings.
Access to the latest technologies – our team of Data Scientists are well informed, top performing and have access to the latest technology and technology upgrades, which are constantly evolving.
Stay secure and compliant – As your Managed Service Partner, it is our job to ensure that your data is secure and compliant.


With 3 levels of Service, plus options to customise your Data Science Managed Service with optional add-ons, we will only ever provide you with what you need.



What is a Managed Data Science Service?

A Managed Data Science Service works in the same way as your typical Managed IT and Data offering. A Managed Service in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI enables organisations to simplify the data science arm of their organisation. Some organisations choose a Data Science Managed Service to save the expense and pain of recruiting a full-time data scientist or a data science department, many use it to improve their operations, some just need access to highly skilled Data Scientists or to ease the daily pressure within their IT team.


No matter where you are on your data journey, being able to scale your IT team easily is the key to getting the best value out of your data and a specialist Managed Service Provider will enable you to do this.


Is my organisation ready to adopt Data Science and the IoT?

The short answer is yes! However, there are certain factors that must be considered before your organisation looks to adopt Data Science. Understanding where your organisation sits on the data maturity curve will help in creating a clear roadmap in adoption of data science.

If you are unsure where you sit, don’t let these terms discourage you, we can explain them one by one and guide you throughout the whole process.

Simpsons Associates are the data experts – we can guide you on your data analytics journey – whether you are just starting on that journey, or are ready for the next stage


Let’s start a Managed Data Science Services Partnership together


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Managed Data Science Services

Leave the management of your Data Science solutions to our experts, so you can focus on your organisation.

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