Simpson Associates contributor in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times – The Future of Data 2022

Every year the Sunday Times publish their supplement ‘The Future of Data 2022’ report.

Simpson Associates are so proud to share that we’re a contributor in the “Future of Data 2022” report within this supplement. Our article ‘Designing a data strategy that delivers Value’ gives readers an understanding of how to take the first steps in becoming a data driven company. Organisations sit on lots of data which can make utilising it a daunting task. We discuss the key considerations of developing a data strategy including how to get started and understanding how to get the best out of your data.

In the supplement, we discuss

  • Key considerations when designing a data strategy
  • How to take the first steps
  • Deploying a data maturity assessment

There are misperceptions that unlocking the value of data is expensive and time consuming, however we explain how to simplify those first steps by understanding your organisations data maturity and being able to prove those early wins.

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You can also read the full Future of Data 2022 report here.